Miami Dolphins could still make another big draft day trade

If you think that the Miami Dolphins are done trading, you would be wrong and honestly, I would venture to guess that Miami will get another first-round pick.

Chris Grier has to be liking how his draft is shaping up for the next few years. He now has another first-round pick in 2023 and another third-round pick in 2021. What he doesn’t have is two picks in next year’s first-round. That could change on draft day.

Miami’s trade with San Francisco was all about the 49’ers getting a quarterback they want. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and even Mac Jones could all be drafted before pick 12 that San Francisco owned. It is safe to assume that three if not four of them could be gone with the first four selections. We also know that the Bengals will not draft a QB and the Dolphins won’t draft one either.

Why is that important? A QB needy team that wants to move up for one will not be leapfrogging the Dolphins, they will leapfrog the Lions at seven. Detroit could play their draft plans close and no one is certain that they will draft a QB or won’t draft one. The trade for Jared Goff may turn into a one-year deal.

Both Carolina and Denver are expected to explore the QB market and since neither one made a splash in free agency and the fact that Deshaun Watson’s legal issues continue to grow, Miami could be getting phone calls from both clubs.

If the draft plays out as mentioned above with four QBs off the board with the first four picks, Miami will have the 2nd overall non-QB pick in this draft. If they make a trade with Carolina, they have the third overall non-QB pick. And if Denver makes the call, they will have the fourth. If Detroit also takes a QB, that changes too.

Never in the history of the draft has so many QB prospects been projected to go this quickly. Five quarterbacks could now be taken in the top 9 of the draft. Only Miami and Cincinnati, are not on the QB needy list. If one team ahead of Miami other than Cincinnati drafts a non-QB, then that makes their sixth overall pick more desirable.

In other words, stay tuned, this draft is still over a month away and is already getting crazy!