Albert Wilson proved a lot of Miami Dolphins fans wrong

Albert Wilson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Albert Wilson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Albert Wilson has looked really good in training camp and to those that doubted him, he has proved them wrong.

Back around mini-camp, I wrote up something over how well players were said to be doing, mostly from the beat writers. Albert Wilson was mentioned as I had pointed out back then, and he continued to shine through regular camp.

You can read about it here to get caught up on this whole narrative. 

How I was proven wrong by Wilson is how he continued to play at a high level throughout all of the camps. Because of this, he deserves all the playing time that the Miami Dolphins decide to give him.

It was the doldrums of mini-camp and just a simple observation turned into a game to play. Find a player that plays well enough to draw attention throughout all of the camps. Congratulations go out to Albert Wilson for winning the inaugural contest. Robert Foster got some run. but Wilson has a lot of run.

I’m not saying this hasn’t happened in the past, I just don’t remember it recently taken place. I took a guess on this, that it would be someone on defense that might pull it off and win this consistency contest.

Does this mean he will get more playing time? Probably not. Should he get more playing time? Probably so.

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There has been talk of chemistry between the quarterback and wide receivers. How much onus should be put on this? Wilson had all this chemistry built up heading into the first preseason game, yet he was held out and it appears he was healthy. It might have been a good idea to keep riding the train.

The Miami Dolphins listed Wilson as not playing leading up to the game, along with other WR’s Will Fuller, DeVante Parker, and Allen Hurns. These players also didn’t practice for the second joint practice, so Wilson probably was tweaked with something.

Hurns, however, did practice during that second joint practice, and now there is speculation he must have tweaked something also. Head coach Brian Flores has kept injuries very tightly to the vest, not wanting to let much information out.

With the reduced preseason schedule, it’s hard to know which game is the one where starters play more. When it was four games it was game three. Now there are three games. So maybe it is game two, starters play more?

If we don’t see a healthy Wilson catching passes from Tua Tagovailoa soon with these upcoming preseason games left, I’m not putting much stock into this chemistry stuff. At least not how it might be viewed from this Miami Dolphins staff.

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Coach Flores has a juggling act to play, he has a bigger WR room to draw from, but those at the top of it don’t exactly have the endurance of iron men who have hardly ever missed any playing time to injuries.