Miami Dolphins should call Detroit and trade a receiver or two

Albert Wilson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Albert Wilson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins will make tough cuts later today and tomorrow but they should reach out to the Detroit Lions to unload a receiver or two.

As the Miami Dolphins head into their final day and a half with an 80 man roster and 10 receiver unit, they may want to pick up the phone and call Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions about making a trade.

The Lions have a very bad receiver group that doesn’t bode well for new quarterback Jared Goff. Earlier they released Breshad Perriman and ate $2 million of his contract that he signed just this past off-season. After Perriman, the Lions basically have no one.

Miami on the other hand has plenty to offer.

The Dolphins have a couple of players that are banged up but there are still players that have to be moved off the roster ahead of the NFL cut deadline. Miami is likely going to carry six or a maximum of seven on the 53. That means Kai Locksley, Khalil McClain, and Kirk Merritt will likely be gone but Miami also has to decide where they will slot Malcolm Perry.

Miami could look to send higher value to Detroit. Albert Wilson had a very good camp before getting banged up and would immediately be the best receiver on the Lions roster. The same could be said about Preston Williams. Neither would bring Miami a lot in return but both are players that Miami could see as expendable. Especially if the Dolphins view Mack Hollins in a bigger role and Kirk Merritt with upside they don’t want to lose.

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Of course, the Dolphins could go big and try and work out a trade that would include DeVante Parker and a bigger return but that is more or less wishful thinking for fans of both teams. While many Dolphins fans would point to Jakeem Grant, the Lions may not view him as a legit competitor as an every-down receiver but he could be someone the Dolphins might dangle.

Outside of those possibilities, there just isn’t anyone I could see the Dolphins really being able to offer and while losing Parker would be a big move, we have seen Parker over the last few years and I’m not sure losing him would hurt the Dolphins as much as it would help the Lions.