5 potential Miami Dolphins players to watch in National Championship

Jordan Davis Georgia (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Jordan Davis Georgia (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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As the Miami Dolphins fan base looks towards next season, we look at possible prospects playing in Monday’s CFB National Championship Game.

With last Sunday’s loss against the Titans, the season is effectively over for the Miami Dolphins. They still have a game to host and play against the Patriots this coming Sunday, but their playoff hopes have been dashed and fans are already looking towards the off season and next year when things can start fresh again.

The Dolphins will be one of the more interesting teams to keep an eye on during the 2022 off season. They fell short of expectations this year, but they have certain pieces in place that allow them to be three or four moves away from being a legit contender. This makes their job a little easier, as they will be able to patch holes instead of starting from new. The defense is close to being championship caliber, and getting a competent offensive line to protect the quarterback and assist in the run game will be of the upmost importance.

There will be an early after-season treat for fans of college football and of the NFL Draft. Two schools that have produced countless NFL players will be squaring off in the CFB National Championship Game on Monday night as Alabama takes on Georgia, and there will be no shortage of top-flight prospects in this contest either. Alabama has the usual crop of playmakers from both sides of the ball, and this Georgia team could have as many as 6 of its members selected within the first two rounds of the upcoming draft.

So which of these guy could potentially be a future Miami Dolphins player? Here are five prospects to keep an eye on in Monday night’s contest: