3 X-Factors for Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel in 2022

Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mike McDaniel
Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

Can McDaniel’s system translate into the Miami Dolphins offense?

The Shanahan blueprint is a very complex system with a lot of layers but the good thing is that McDaniel has been part of the same offense, and has taken part in transitioning it from team to team for a long time.

From working with the OG Mike Shanahan in 2005 with the Broncos to the Commanders in 2011 to the Browns, to the Falcons, to the 49ers. Sure Kyle Shanahan has been the main factor in transitioning the offense successfully, but Mike McDaniel has been Shanahan’s right-hand man the entire journey.

This means he has the experience in doing so, and given how he has dominated the start of his tenure in Miami I’m willing to give him a vote of confidence.

The players so far are digging coach McDaniel as well, Xavien Howard stated how everyone was “happy” now. And given the footage that has been coming from OTA’s the vibe is exactly that, McDaniel was the much-needed sauce to a stale meal.

Now it’s McDaniel’s responsibility to get his side of the ball (offense) to completely buy into his system and the playbook he and the coordinators put together.

This offense will be drastically different and due to the change and the amount of change happening everyone has to buy in at 1500%. Players will need to put in overtime work in getting the playbook down and then start translating it on to the field.

Players that are convinced that they will win and do big things this year, will put forward that amount of commitment. As long as the 2 factors mentioned click early this should be a smooth sailing, but that doesn’t happen often in Miami, or in the NFL really.