Miami Dolphins exercising the 5th year option on Christian Wilkins

Christian Wilkins Miami Dolphins (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Christian Wilkins Miami Dolphins (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The hits just keep on coming for the Miami Dolphins and on this beloved NFL Draft day, the Miami Dolphins are exercising the 5th year option for Christian Wilkins.

The Miami Dolphins are like Peter Gibbons from Office Space when he just stopped showing up for work and life started to be better for him. Except the Dolphin’s brass are showing up for work, getting stuff done, and life is getting better by the day.

Though Chris Grier and the Dolphins don’t, currently, have any draft picks until the end of the 3rd round, that wasn’t going to stop the team from doing something of note on draft day.

What Cameron Wolfe said in this tweet is 100% accurate. Christian Wilkins is a cornerstone type player not just for the defense but for the whole team. He’s one of the faces of the Miami Dolphins and to me is one of their leaders whether he has a C on his chest or not.

Any game you turn on you can see Christian Wilkins giving everything he has and his motor is one that doesn’t quit.

He’s gotten better every year he’s been in the league which culminated in a fantastic season last year.

If Wilkins keeps on this trajectory, then he will be hovering around a top-five interior lineman in the league. I don’t think he’s that far away from that now.

Exercising his fifth year also shows, once again, that the front office with the addition of Mike McDaniel understands the value of keeping homegrown players. It should be a no-brainer to keep players that you have drafted that are actually good, but we’ve seen countless times where the Dolphins had no problem letting talented players walk. I realize it’s not a guarantee that Wilkins is here for life, but this certainly shows that the Dolphins view Christian Wilkins as one of the main guys on the team.

Also, let’s not forget the versatility that Wilkins brings to the team. It’s always nice to know you can plug the big, agile, light0footed defensive tackle at fullback and throw him the ball Not only that, he knows what to do with it once he gets it.

The Dolphins need guys like Christian Wilkins and I for one am glad that they’re doing what they can to keep him here. I know this won’t work out for every player like this, but keeping Christian Wilkins is the smart move. The Dolphins seem to only know how to do smart moves. Yes, I know I just put a major hex on them for saying that.

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