Grading the Miami Dolphins 2022 draft class, all four of them

Channing Tindall (41) Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Channing Tindall (41) Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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3rd Round, Channing Tindall- A-

The Miami Dolphins had one of the last picks in the entire 3rd round and I think they made it count. They drafted ILB Channing Tindall out of Georgia and I think it was an awesome pick.

The Miami Dolphins actually had a hole at their inside linebacker position and filling it during the draft would be a smart thing to do if possible. Channing Tindall is an inside linebacker and he’s a guy who’s good enough to be thought of as a guy who wouldn’t be around at pick #102.

Fortunately, he did slide to #102 and the Dolphins wasted no time in selecting him. What a great pick.

If you happened to be knee-deep in draft coverage when Channing Tindall was drafted, you most certainly saw all the measurables that Tindall brings to the table.

This pick gets an A- for me because the Dolphins only had four draft picks in this year’s draft. And after 101 picks occurred, the team still had the mindset to get a guy that absolutely can make a difference this year. Not make a difference after a few years, make a difference as a rookie. That’s not something that happens for 3rd round picks, but I think Channing Tindall is a guy that will be playing with the starters very early in the season.