Best picks the Miami Dolphins made in the draft this weekend

Chris Grier (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chris Grier (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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The Miami Dolphins barely had any draft picks this year, but they still selected players that could impact the team on day 1. Here are the best players the Miami Dolphins drafted over the weekend.

It’s important to remember why the Miami Dolphins barely had any draft picks, unless you’ve been living under a rock you know Miami traded away this year’s draft to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Tyreek Hill.

The Motto for Dolphins GM Chris Grier is simple:

F- them picks.”

A philosophy started in California by Rams GM Les Snead, he even went viral in 2021 for drinking out of a coffee cup that had the “F- them picks” slogan on it; this after the Rams had traded for former Superbowl MVP Von Miller mid-season.

Trade away your picks, pay top dollar to top talent, and put all your chips on the table in one go. Interestingly enough the Rams weren’t the first ones to think this way, they were the first ones that executed it to a level that won them a Superbowl.

This philosophy stems from the backbone of the belief that “the salary cap isn’t real.”

And it isn’t. when I can break down a 4-year contract into a roster bonus and only have a fraction of the signed contract left during the rest of the years left, it clears up a ton of space.

And it also isn’t real for big contracts. Because the big money is pushed down the road, and teams bank on the salary cap to keep increasing and cover their tails by the time it’s time to REALLY pay.

With the way this business has been booming, the salary cap is only going to keep up going up.

But that doesn’t mean teams can’t find good talent in later rounds, Dolphins GM Chris Grier has a questionable record with premium picks. But has always found great value in later rounds.

Here are the best players the Dolphins drafted this past weekend: