Miami Dolphins: The best starter at each position in franchise history

Zach Thomas (Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images)
Zach Thomas (Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images) /
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The Miami Dolphins have had some special players wear their uniform. Here is the best at each position in franchise history.

Tough times have fallen on the Miami Dolphins over the last two decades after what was a proud time to be a fan in the 1900s. Star players are scarce, and playoff appearances even more so, though both of those things will be subject to change during the upcoming 2022 season.

But the franchise is still a proud one, one that is rich in history both in the win column and in the history books. Their 1972 season remains as the only undefeated season in modern sports history, and they were considered something of a dynasty throughout that decade.

Along the way, there have been some pretty spectacular players to don the aqua and orange. The Dolphins are represented in Canton by 8 Hall of Fame players as well as the winningest coach in NFL history, and there are arguments that there should be even more.

So who are the best of the best? And what would it look like if you created a team by plucking the best Miami Dolphins player from each position in franchise history?

Miami Dolphins
Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino (Photo by A. Neste/Getty Images) /

Best quarterback in Miami Dolphins history: Dan Marino

It’s too easy. Low hanging fruit. Not only is he the best quarterback in team history, but he’s also the best player in team history. Even if I had the entire history of the league at my disposal, I’d probably choose Dan Marino to be the starting signal-caller.

He used to be at the top of every important passing list in the record books before the game changed, and mediocre QBs started throwing for 4,800 yards a season. But he’s still at the top of the record books for the Dolphins franchise and will likely stay there forever.

Marino’s quick release, a rocket arm, and fiery passion will never be forgotten. I miss him.