Maybe Tyreek Hill is looking to deliver the loudest I told you so ever

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - MARCH 24: Tyreek Hill speaks with the media after being introduced by the Miami Dolphins at Baptist Health Training Complex on March 24, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - MARCH 24: Tyreek Hill speaks with the media after being introduced by the Miami Dolphins at Baptist Health Training Complex on March 24, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

I know I know, it’s another article dissecting Tyreek Hill’s never-ending quest to talk up Tua Tagovailoa and to talk about his former team wasn’t the best situation. It’s the offseason and camp is fastly approaching. Don’t worry you’ll get your fix of stories about how some unknown player who has a decent day in practice might be the savior for the Miami Dolphins in no time.

But when I was on vacation last week after the latest bout of Tyreek Hill talking about how Tua has this year to put it together but that he firmly believes that he will I started to think; that maybe Tyreek Hill is setting himself for the biggest, loudest most obnoxious I told you so that we have ever heard or seen.

Since Tyreek Hill has gotten to Miami, seemingly not a day has gone by where we didn’t hear a new sound byte of Hill saying that Tua is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes, Tua’s arm is crazy strong, Tua can hit 300-yard drives underwater, etc. About a month ago, I wrote about how all the praise that Hill was throwing Tua was making me a bit nervous because he was setting him up for a potential cataclysmic fall.

Fellow PhinPhanatic writer, Juan Vasquez, wrote a not-so-very subtle article yesterday about how possibly, perhaps, maybe it would behoove Tyreek Hill to not speak as much as he has about Tua and concentrate on his profession. Please read it if you haven’t.

I pretty much agree with Juan. It would be nice if Hill would just let sleeping dawgs lie and do more talking on the field than on his podcast. It’s getting a bit tiresome.

But I disagree with the idea that it’s creating bulletin board material for teams that are playing against the Dolphin’s offense. I’m not saying that the Patriots, Bills, and other teams aren’t aware that Tyreek Hill is saying that the Dolphin’s offense is going to be like the Greatest Show on Turf times infinity. They are aware of that. I just don’t think that the teams the Dolphins are going to be playing are going to do anything harder than they usually would.

Like, when Tre’Davious White is in the film room with the rest of the defensive backs is going to be like “coach, run that back a few more times, I really want to nail this team?” Or is Matt Judon going to do a few extra reps on the bench because he’s tired of hearing about how the Dolphin’s offense is going to be fast? I don’t think so.

Now if any of these players get asked about Hill’s comments leading up to a game, I’m sure they will say something like they’re looking to stop Hill and the Dolphins and will acknowledge that they are aware of what Hill has been saying if they get directly asked. That happens every week anyway.

Only if Miami gets beat by any of these teams will you hear about how they used Hill’s words as the dreaded “bulletin board material” that really made them focus harder. If Miami beats them, they will not say that they prepared any differently for the Miami Dolphins. I could be way off on that. It’s just how I see it shaking out because I haven’t really heard of teams after they lose be like we practiced harder than usual this week and it still didn’t matter.

I think Tyreek Hill is on this publicity tour partly because he understands Tua had less than zero% support last year so he wanted to do a 180 on that and give him all the support possible because he feels he needs that to succeed thus that makes him and the team succeed.

But I also think he knows if he talks this big game and is right then he will be perceived as if he’s The Genius Lanny Poffo. He would be able to tell everyone how smart he is and that he knew it the whole time. He might have a parade for himself. I’d go.

If he’s wrong, I don’t think he cares. I don’t think he cares if everyone reverses this on him and says “hey Tyreek, told you this wasn’t going to work out with Tua.” Why do I think he doesn’t care? Because he’s Tyreek Hill. He’s won a Super Bowl ring, played in another, has made a laundry list of incredible mind-numbing plays that only he could have made, is the fastest man in the known multiverse, and is on his way if everything stays on the same path of making the hall of fame. Oh, and signing a $120M contract I would think does a pretty good job helping you not care what others think of you.

So yes, I would be quite alright if Tyreek Hill waited until games started getting played, and the offense took off like we’re all hoping it does to start talking again. I wouldn’t count on that happening but it would be nice. I think Tyreek Hill is looking to be the smartest man in the room and he wants everyone to know it. Hey, whatever works.

In case you were wondering who The Genius Lanny Poffo was, enjoy;

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