Miami Dolphins: Offensive grades for Week 1 game vs. Patriots

Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins
Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins /
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Raheem Mostert Miami Dolphins
Raheem Mostert Miami Dolphins /

Miami Dolphins Offensive Grades

Running Backs: C

It is difficult to judge a unit of running backs when the offensive line plays as mediocre as the Dolphins’ front 5 did on Sunday. Neither Chase Edmonds nor Raheem Mostert was able to get much going on the ground, accounting for just 41 total yards on 17 carries.

But they showed flashes of what they’ll be able to bring to the Dolphins’ offense if the line ever plays up to snuff. Edmonds caught four balls for 40 yards and had a ninja-like play down the sideline that was one of the highlights of the day for Miami. Mostert showed a small burst of the speed that will make him a special piece if he is able to remain healthy.

Though they are given a C grade, they have the most change for rapid improvement of any of the offensive units.

Offensive Line: C-

We have to grade on a curve for this one.

Given how terrible the offensive line was last season, any time that Tagovailoa has more than a second and a half to make a progression read is considered a vast improvement. On Sunday against the Patriots, he probably should have been sacked even more times than three, but there were signs of growth from the offensive line.

There were a handful of clean pockets and one or two running lanes created, but it was an overall subpar performance from the guys up front. Tagovailoa was still forced to scramble on multiple occasions in the second half, and the rushing attack never got off the ground, amounting to just 65 total yards on the day.

There were injuries throughout the unit during the game, which may have contributed to their struggles. But whatever the case is, they’d better figure out a solution before they play against the likes of the Bills, 49ers, and Chargers.