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Prediction Time: The Miami Dolphins will “TCB” against the Buffalo Bills

Raheem Mostert Miami Dolphins
Raheem Mostert Miami Dolphins /

Everything, right now, is coming up Miami Dolphins. It’s 7:15 AM here on the beast coast, and my sneaky keys to the game article has just been published. I wrote it yesterday morning. In it, you’ll find fascinating stuff about the game on Sunday but at the end, you’ll see where I added the injuries the Bills are dealing with. However, the Ed Oliver part about him being ruled out didn’t happen yet. As I said, everything is coming up Miami Dolphins.

The Bills are heading to Southbeach where heat will 100% be a factor and they are far from healthy. No Oliver, Jordan Phillips, Micah Hyde. That matters for a secondary that already is banged up and is starting very young, inexperienced players. Why the heat and young, inexperienced secondary matters, besides obvious reasons.

So go right ahead young Buffalo secondary. Go ahead and cover Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle for four quarters when it’s 90 degrees and you’re, conveniently, roasting in the Sun when you’re on the bench. I’ll take Hill and Waddle.

On the other side of the ball, we know the Miami Dolphins and their defense will have their hands full with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Allen is forcing the ball to Diggs like a local open comic forcing their material in regular off-stage conversations(it’s awful if you’ve never experienced it). So yes, Miami needs to have a very well-thought-out plan in dealing with him. I’d make sure Xavien Howard follows Diggs all around the world.

Make Gave Davis, Isaiah McKenzie, and Dawson Knox beat you. Make the Bills even more one-dimensional than they already are by not letting Singletary and Moss get going. Make Josh Allen have to make lightning-quick decisions as blitzers are headed towards him from all angles.  Allen isn’t prone to serving up a terrible pass or two under duress.

Offensively, I expect the Bills to do what they can to keep Hill and Waddle in front of them. I expect a healthy amount of 2-deep-zone. That’s fine. Even though we saw Tua let it rip, which still needs to continue, we know Tua can be a surgeon out there throwing the shorter passes. Death by a 1,000 cut the Bills’ defense if that’s what they’re giving you. Then they’re on their heels sucking wind, go over the top of them.

Against that 2-deep-zone, running the ball would be a great strategy. Of course, you need to do it well for it to matter.

Make sure we don’t forget about Mike Gesicki and Chand Edmonds and Raheem Mostert out of the backfield. With the secondary playing back, these guys could feast on 7-10 yard throws. Make Milano and Edmonds guard them. I’ll take our guys in that scenario.

It’s still literally up in the air as per Mike McDaniel if Terron Armstead will play. He’s questionable heading into the game. Buckle up for him being questionable every week. They really need him to play because I’m not 100% sure what the move is since Greg Little is at right tackle. I guess it would be Robert Jones to left tackle but holy hell is that scary with Von Miller and Gary Rousseau coming to Miami.

PREDICTION: Dolphins 31 Bills 24

Last week, I took the Ravens to win. For three quarters I was right but that doesn’t mean anything besides me appreciating all the positive feedback that I received. This week, I think the Miami Dolphins seize the day and defeat the Bills and go to 3-0. Miami will be the talk of the league on Monday and throughout the week as they head to Cincinnatti for Thursday night. Mike McDaniel will be thought of as an offensive savant and Tua detractors will have their brains in a blender trying to come up with something that remotely makes sense to cut him down as he plays well.

Sure, you’ll have a decent amount of people who will say that the Miami Dolphins should win given the injuries the Bills have compiled. Who cares. Let them talk all they want.

It’s going to be electric on Sunday. Hope everyone is cooking up or ordering good food and are taking in a few beverages. Cheers to all of you and Fins Up.

By the Way- It’s sad if you don’t know what TCB means but just in case you never had the pleasure of knowing what it truly is, here you go.

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