Roschon Johnson drafted by the Dolphins is the world I want to live in

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(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images) /

I get that running back may not be the top position that the Miami Dolphins and many of my fanatical bretheran may not want to be focused on due to the Dolphins having other more pressing needs. But, when I get a hankering for a player I simply can’t let it go. Roschon Johnson is becoming a player that I don’t know that I can live with out.

I realize, and Juan elegantly talked about it earlier this morning that Dalvin Cook is, seemingly, waiting in the wings. I’m not about paying big money to running backs that logged as many years as Cook has but make no misktake, if Dalvin Cook ends up on Miami I will justify it and say that the Dolphins are on the road to title town.

I also underatand that Chris Grier and company brought back the entire running back room back for anothe go at it. I thought it was a strange move but Gaskin and Ahmed are quality depth guys that know the system so I guess it makes somewhat sense to bring back both of them.

I wrote earlier in the month about the running backs I wanted Miami to target. It was a beyond brilliant list of guys but I will admit there was one omission and that was Roschon Johnson. I blame myself for having him slip past me in my very in-depth evalualtions. I’m at the mercy of Dolphin’s court begging for forgiveness on that.

Roschon Johnson was the backup to #1 running back prospect Bijan Robinson. It’s the main reason why he isn’t slated to go somewhere in the 4th round of this year’s NFL Draft. It’s a classic case of if this guy wasn’t behind this guy he would be a much higher prospect.

The stats that Roschon Johnson tailed last year isn’t anything that jumps off the page. He had 554 yards along with 5 TDs. The stat I do love is that he averaged 5.9 yards a carry. That’s the kind of thing the Dolphins and Mike McDaniel needs.

McDaniel showed last year that he needs to run the ball more and he has admitted as such numerous times. Having a guy who keeps getting yards consitently will have the best chance of swaying his mind into actually doing it.

What I love about Johnson’s game is his balance. The guy is 6’0 223 LBS. When I see reps of him getting hit I see a guy that consistently stays on his feet and who has zero problem jettisoning himself into a defender’s chest. I love when backs bring the game to the defense. I wouldn’t make a career out of it but a few times a game is important to let defenders know that they have to wrap up and bring their friends to get them down.

Dare I say, and I say this knowing that I might have folks flying to NEPA looking to throw hands with me, but dare I say Roschon Johnson looks like the Walmart version of Ronnie Brown? Maybe I’m seeing a mirage like I’m stranded in a desert, but I see the subtle shiftiness accompanied by those types of runs where it looks like he’s going  to go down only to somehow get like 12 extra steps in as he plows into the grill of a linebacker. Ronnie did that all the time and I think Roschon Johnson can do it too.

Currently, the Dolphins don’t have a 4th round pick. But we know how Chris Grier does business. He likes to keep gathering picks so I can see a world where he trades down and picks up a 4th rounder.

If he does that and Roschon Johnson is on the board, I’d be all about drafting him. I don’t care that Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. would be ahead of them. That’s fine with me. We saw last year and just about every year for that matter that Miami’s running backs typically go down for a few games at some point. I’d rather have Johnson ready to go than go with Myles Gaskin. Ahmed I’m good with as well but we know he isn’t more than a guy to come and get a few carries when one of the main guys go down.

I want Roschon Johnson to be the 3rd man in the running back room because I think he can become a real-deal contributor.

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