3 Miami Dolphins UDFAs who have a real shot of making the 53-man roster

Will these Dolphins UDFAs be able to crack the 53-man roster?
2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia
2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Dolphins have been doing a solid job of finding talent after NFL Drafts and keeping them on the roster.

Miami fans are well aware of the names Nik Needham, Kader Kohou, and Chris Brooks. These are three current Miami Dolphins players who have defied the odds and not only made the roster, but have also started or made significant contributions when given the opportunity.

A whole new crop will try breaking onto the Dolphins' final 53 this year. Three have a good chance of being the next undrafted free agents to become a Dolphins household name:

Mark Perry - Safety - TCU: Perry slipped out of the draft and landed in the Dolphins' laps. He needs work and better coaching, but Perry can contribute from the start on special teams and provide depth in the deep secondary.

Perry has a good initial burst and fast recovery speed. He is a hard-hitting safety who will make opponents pay. The Dolphins need more depth at the position and a good training camp could bode well for Perry, who may find the numbers lining up in his favor.

Storm Duck - CB - Louisville: Duck not only has the best name coming out of the draft, but he probably would have been drafted had he stayed at North Carolina. He transferred to Louisville, where he was still solid, but lacked visibility.

Duck is a smart football player, and the Dolphins thought so highly of him that they are giving him $150,000 guaranteed and a $20,000 signing bonus. The last time the Dolphins gave out that kind of money was when they signed Robert Jones as a UDFA.

Andrew Meyer - OL - UTEP: Another player who is getting guaranteed money and a nice signing bonus. Meyer will get $75,000 guaranteed and $15,000 signing bonus. A member of the Conference USA Academic Honor Roll every year since 2019, Meyer is a smart athlete who hopes to make the 53 and add depth to a unit that needs help.

Meyer will be a long shot no matter how much the Dolphins guaranteed him. They may have viewed him as a priority free agent, but they still have to see what he can do against NFL talent and that is a big jump from college. There is a lot to like about his size - he checks in at 6-3, 302 pounds and position coach Butch Barry will like what he has to work with. Maybe the numbers might work out in his favor.