7 players the Dolphins should target in round 1 of the NFL Draft

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3a. Johnny Newton - DT - Illinois

I like Johnny Newton, I do, but I like Murphy substantially more. I also believe Kris Jenkins in round 2 is not too far off of him. When I watch them both, Newton is better as a pass rusher, but I love what Jenkins brings against the run. I'm not opposed to Newton at 21, and if that is the pick, it's a good one. I just wonder if we can't get similar production in round 2.

3. Jackson Powers Johnson - OL - Oregon

From the first draft profile, I did this year until now, JPJ has been sliding down draft boards recently due to the limitations people think he has. Many still think he is C/G 1, others have Barton passing him up. I feel similarly. JPJ is a player that it seems we could trade back and still draft, so getting him at 21 may feel like a reach now. However, Miami would be getting a really good player who is a great scheme fit. I would be happy to have him on the team, but 21 does feel a bit early based on recent rumblings.

There is the idea of trading back in the first round as well. I like the idea of trading back if certain players are still on the board and you believe you can get your guy. The handful of players I would want in a trade-down scenario are Graham Barton, JPJ, or Jordan Morgan. I doubt we could trade down to get anyone on the defensive side who is a higher value than those three guys.