Bleacher Report suggests Dolphins cut one of Mike McDaniel's favorites

It makes sense, but that won't make it any easier.
Miami Dolphins, Jeff Wilson Jr.
Miami Dolphins, Jeff Wilson Jr. / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As we prepare for the summer months and look ahead to training camp, one starts to wonder just exactly how this Miami Dolphins roster is going to shake out.

One of the most interesting positions to watch is going to be at running back, where the Dolphins have an embarrassment of riches. Having drafted Tennessee's Jaylen Wright just a few weeks ago, the Dolphins combine the rookie with last year's rookie De'Von Achane and veterans Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr.

There is undoubtedly going to be an odd man out of this group, when it's all said and done. If you ask Bleacher Report's David Kenyon, he believes that man is going to end up being Wilson -- which would be a tough decision made by Mike McDaniel and company.

Wilson, of course, started his career back in San Francisco alongside McDaniel, and played there for 4.5 years.

If the Dolphins cut Jeff Wilson, Mike McDaniel might be the most sad to see him go

Just as a brief example of McDaniel's relationship and trust with Wilson, let's go back to late November of 2023 when the Dolphins took on the Jets in the NFL's first-ever Black Friday contest. Prior to the game, Wilson decided it was his time to give a pre-game speech in order to get his teammates ready for battle. His coach thought it was only appropriate for Wilson to do the honors:

“He kicked in the door, fast and furious, when he got here,” McDaniel said, via The Palm Beach Post. “He’s emotionally charged in competitive moments to a degree that he can bring along other people. And he knew that it was his time. You know he’d been patient, as patient as anybody that we’ve seen on this team. But now he was going to get the ops regardless of how the game played out. And you know that those type of sparks are invaluable down the stretch of a season.”

To that point, Wilson had only seven carries on the year and hardly played, mostly due to injury. But, in this one, the former 49ers running back ended up with his best game on the season, rushing 11 times for 56 yards.

“It was just kind of like a Black Friday feel to the speech,” said the veteran running back. “I mean, normally you hear Black Friday is so crazy, chaotic. Everybody’s all over the place, people taking things, and that’s kind of just what I told them. We want to come in here and we want to make it Black Friday for us on the football field. We’re coming in, we’re taking it home. We’re taking everything.”

Wilson has spent more than a year in Miami under McDaniel, but his time with the Dolphins very well could be coming to an end, and quite honestly, it does make sense. Mostert, Achane and Wright should all be used regularly, and that doesn't leave much room for Wilson.