Dolphins fans will love Raheem Mostert's quote on bringing along Jaylen Wright

The veteran Dolphins RB is here to help the rookie
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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There are few guys in South Florida that Miami Dolphins fans like more than Raheem Mostert. On the field, the veteran is a speedster and a straight-up playmaker with the ball in his hands. He's showcased how solid he can be over the past two seasons.

With that said, Mostert is entering Year 10 in the NFL and he knows he's not going to be able to play forever. He's still got some football left in the tank, but he also understands why the Dolphins traded up to land talented RB Jaylen Wright in the fourth round.

Some players might be standoffish knowing a youngster is coming in to try and take some carries away. That's not the case with Mostert, however. Recently while speaking with the NFL Network, he said he's ready to do what's needed to help the rookie out. You've got to love this mentality:

Raheem Mostert is ready to take Jaylen Wright under his wing

"All in all man, I'm happy to have him in the room. I treat every rookie - even with De'Von (Achane) last year - I'm always going to try and show them the ropes and give him my little pointers and help him out as best I can because I'm going on the tail-end of my career. I want to be able to make an impact somehow and if that means just bringing along somebody and helping them out, that's what it calls for and that's what I'm going to be doing. "

Raheem Mostert

Talk about being the textbook definition of a veteran leader for your team. This response from Mostert shouldn't be a surprise, as he's widely known for being an incredible teammate and a solid dude as a whole. Oh, he's also pretty good on the gridiron as well.

Last season for Miami, his second with the team, Mostert appeared in 15 games, rushing for 1,012 yards and an NFL-best 18 rushing touchdowns. He's battled injuries throughout his career, but he's managed to stay quite healthy for Mike McDaniel and Co. Now in 2024, Mostert is going to look to have another big year, but he's also going to be focused on bringing along Wright too.