Dolphins: Winners and Loser against the Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins lost against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night. Who are the winners and losers of the game?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins lost their chance to become the AFC East champions last night in their game against the Buffalo Bills. Some players did not perform as they should, while others stood out on the field. Upon closer inspection of the game, it becomes easier to differentiate between the winners and losers of the match against the Bills.


Christian Wilkins

Last night's Dolphins game saw Wilkins emerge as the team's standout player. With Bradley Chubb and Andrew Van Ginkel injured Wilkins became the defensive leader we needed. He repeatedly pressured the QB, resulting in bad passes by Allen and ultimately leading to interceptions. He also forced a critical fumble at a crucial moment for Miami and managed to sack the opposing team's QB.

De'Von Achane

The performance of the Dolphins rookie was just as every fan expected. He scored a touchdown and proved that he is a valuable asset for Tua on the ground. De'Von's speed was on full display during a memorable first half, but the Bills managed to find a way to limit him in the second half. Nonetheless, Achane still gains at least one yard with each run.

Cameron Goode

The linebacker performed better than the credit we gave him. However, I must admit that during the minutes he played, his performance was not outstanding but not awful. He is a winner because when the Dolphin's defense struggled, Goode came with two crucial tackles that prevented the Bills from scoring a touchdown and gaining many yards.


Tua Tagovailoa

The Dolphins QB had a tough time during the game against the Bills despite having an overall great season. His passes were imprecise, which ultimately worked in favor of the Bills. Tua's limitation of the game is that he isn't comfortable throwing the ball by air without his key receivers, Tyreek or Waddle, and instead relies on the running backs to make plays. But the most outstanding thing about Tua was his problem with playing outside the box. 

Zach Zieler

During the game, the former Baltimore Ravens player did not perform well. Chubb, Jalean Phillips, and Van Ginkel were all injured. He was supposed to lead the defense with Wilkins, but only Wilkins managed to get the job done. Additionally, the former Ferris State player made a crucial mistake by giving the Bills a penalty at a vital moment in the game, which could have altered the outcome for the Dolphins.

Who do you think is missing? And where would you place him?