Expected Dolphins OL depth chart could thrill fans or totally make them cringe

Will the OL unit be able to stay strong throughout the season?
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Training camp for the Miami Dolphins will begin in late July, and we are almost there. The Dolphins are hoping to build on last year's season, but one position group is still a unit worth paying attention to. The Dolphins offensive line remains a question mark no matter what Chris Grier says publicly. Last year was much better, and that should be credited to Butch Barry, who came in and made lemonade out of lemons. The Dolphins' goal is simple - do enough to get the job done.

This year's offensive line depth chart may not fluctuate as much as some may believe. The Dolphins are expected to enter camp with only one real competition and that may not be a competition at all. Here is a look at the starters at four of the five positions:

Austin Jackson - right tackle

Austin Jackson is the lock at right tackle and he earned that last year. He will need to stay healthy or the Dolphins will be using a turnstile at the position.

Aaron Brewer - center

Aaron Brewer is an athletic and physical center who should open Miami's offensive schemes better than what Connor Williams did last year in the position in terms of getting to the next level and pulling. Brewer is one to watch this year, and the Dolphins may have found the perfect player to complement their scheme.

Isaiah Wynn - left guard

Isaiah Wynn did well at left guard until he went down with an injury and missed the rest of the season. Can he stay healthy in 2024? That's a big question and if he does not, Miami will be rotating players again.

Terron Armstead - left tackle

As long as Terron Armstead is healthy, the Dolphins are in good shape, but he rarely stays healthy for more than a couple of games at a time. The LT spot is definitely one to worry about.

Right guard

This is the only position that is expected to have competition from the start of camp. Liam Eichenberg is hoping to compete for a guard position, but he has in the past played left guard. He will compete this year with several players who are looking to take a starting role.

The depth of the offensive line is decent and it should hold up well for the Dolphins in case they are needed. At left tackle, Kendall Lamm did well filling in for Armstead and he should be the primary backup in 2024 with Patrick Paul set as the third option on the depth chart. Paul isn't ready yet and is not someone who is believed capable of playing inside.

Eichenberg will compete with Jack Driscoll and Robert Jones for the right guard position, or at least should be in the mix. Driscoll has five years of experience and should be one of the front runners to start, but, at the very least, he will provide depth.

After this group, the Dolphins will see what plays out with Kion Smith, Ryan Hayes, Lester Cotton, and Chasen Hines. They also have several undrafted rookies to make decisions on as well. Miami is likely going to only keep nine offensive linemen once it's time for 53-man roster cuts.