Miami Dolphins 2024 RB power rankings are tighter than expected

The running backs in this offense are explosive and 2024 should be no different
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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No. 1: Raheem Mostert - entering his ninth season

Mostert didn't just have an amazing season in 2023, it was his best production by far as a running back. He was far more explosive than at any time in his career. Mostert was easily in the same breath as Christian McCaffery all season, as they battled back and forth for the combined touchdown lead, finishing tied.

This year, Mostert may not see as many carries given the play of Achane and the abilities of Wright, but he will be the primary running back in the Dolphins offense. Mostert may be past his prime, but he showcased in 2023 that he can still be a No. 1 back. Will more of the same be showcased in 2024? We sure hope so.

As we previously mentioned, Mostert will have to split time with Achane and Wright, but the expectation is that he will still be the leader of the unit for the RBs. His experience in clutch situations is also going to be helpful for Tua Tagovailoa and the offense as a whole once again.