Miami Dolphins drafted rookies ranked by expected impact on the 2024 roster

The Dolphins didn't have a lot of draft picks, but they are hoping to make the most of them.
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

During the 2024 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins made seven selections. Not all of them will make an impact on the upcoming season or on the roster. Here is a look at how each of them rank in order of impact this campaign.

For the purpose of this article, we only looked at the players drafted by the Dolphins and not the undrafted additions made following the NFL Draft weekend. With that said, here's our ranking of the draftees and the potential impact they'll make:

7. Tahj Washington

Tahj Washington has a lot of potential and upside, but transitioning to the NFL as a wide receiver isn't easy and the Dolphins' seventh-round pick will need to beat out another rookie WR for playing time. Miami has a good core of WRs, so getting Washington playing time may come down to the health of others.

6. Patrick McMorris

Patrick McMorris is a project in the secondary. Miami's safeties are still a question mark, given the depth versus the experience at the position. McMorris will see time on special teams, but his play in the secondary should be limited to situational play and injury issues. If the Dolphins are forced to deal with long-term injuries to a starter, they are likely to turn to the free-agent market rather than McMorris this year.

5. Malik Washington

Of the two drafted WRs, Malik Washington has more of shot at making an impact this year, but like Tahj, he will need to show his talents in training camp and it will be a situational dynamic on the field. Malik could, with a good camp, fight his way up the depth chart to become the fourth WR in Mike McDaniel's offense.

4. Patrick Paul

Patrick Paul isn't projected to start in 2024. He will provide depth at left tackle behind Terron Armstead, but it is more than likely Kendall Lamm will be directly behind Miami's top and oft-injured LT. Paul needs to develop and while he will get experience this year, his projection with the Dolphins is in the future, not in 2024.

3. Jaylen Wright

It's hard to imagine a situation where Jaylen Wright doesn't make an impact on the field outside of special teams, but he could enter the season as the third running back on the depth chart, and if that happens, Wright will get plenty of action. He will need to beat out Chris Brooks for that role, but we should see Wright all season long.

2. Mohamad Kamara

Mohamed Kamara plays above his natural abilities, and that is a good thing. He has a great mindset and absorbs coaching. While raw, Kamara will make an immediate impact on special teams and should work his way into rotational play on defense.

1. Chop Robinson

Did the Dolphins draft a player in Round 1 who will see significant playing time? Yes. Robinson will be thrown to the wolves when camp begins, and he should be the Day 1 starter at defensive end. The loss of Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips can't be overlooked, and those players who are not starting the season will open the door for Robinson to get more playing time than he might have had if they had not been injured.