One Dolphins player on the roster bubble at each position

Which players are on the cusp of making, or not making, the Dolphins' roster?
Miami Dolphins, Dolphins Roster
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Can the 2023 Miami Dolphins really compete with the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East crown?

Are they a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

If the Dolphins prove they can overtake the Bills, then the answer to that last question should be a resounding 'yes.' But first, training camp.

The Dolphins have plenty of roster decisions to make, yet, and quite a few players find themselves on the roster bubble going into camp. Let's take a look, position by position.

Quarterback: No one on the bubble

One of the few positions on the roster where there is no one on the bubble, is of course, at quarterback. There are no question marks, here, for the Dolphins. Tua Tagovailoa is the clear starter, with a great veteran presence backing him up in Mike White.

The fact Miami has White, going into this season, is a huge benefit. Just like having Teddy Bridgewater last year, White will be able to step in and play on a moment's notice. It's kind of been his calling card for the last couple of years.

Then, the Dolphins will likely end up keeping Skylar Thompson as their third quarterback. A team like Miami should absolutely carry three quarterbacks, with the injury history of Tua. Thompson even got some run as a rookie last year, giving him some valuable experience.