Miami Dolphins vs. Denver Broncos: NFL Week 3 Preview

The Miami Dolphins look to keep their undefeated record when they play the visiting Denver Broncos on Sunday at Miami.

Miami Dolphins v Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Men Down? No Problem

One of the big offensive names that will not be on the field this Sunday is WR Jaylen Waddle. He is still progressing through the concussion protocol after a helmet-to-helmet hit last week.

There is no telling if he will be back next week.

Defensively, LT Terron Armstead (back/ankle/knee) and LB Jaelen Phillips (back) are still dealing with their side of injuries. Expect them to possibly miss this Sunday's game again.

However, the team has been managing themselves during the absence of these men. The Dolphins offense is on top and has been hard to stop.

As for the defense, they still need to find ways to become greater than the sum of their parts. However, they manage despite their flaws and missing players.

Armstead, Phillips, and Waddle are all progressing slowly but surely.

A Game of Connections

There isn't just simple history between these two teams. This game brings the past into the present.

I guess you can say that current members of the Dolphins will face some ghosts of their past. More specifically, their time with the Denver Broncos.

Take Vic Fangio, for instance. The current Dolphins defensive coordinator was once the Broncos head coach from 2019-2021.

Speaking of which, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel worked as an intern for the Broncos back in 2005.

WR River Cracraft and LB Bradley Chubb were once teammates in Denver. Cracraft left the team in 2019, and Chubb followed suit last year.

Not to mention that Patrick Surtain, father of Broncos CB Patrick Surtain II, was a Dolphin from 1998-2004. He also was the team's defensive assistant last year.

Even Dolphins wide receivers coach Wes Welker, who in my opinion is one of the best wide receivers in NFL history, was a Bronco from 2013-2014.

Final Thoughts and Prediction

As mentioned before, Miami is still the top offense in the league. Even with Waddle out, the team was able to manage without him back in Week 1.

The only thing that is giving the Broncos some advantage is the defense. The two losses on their record so far were determined by single digits.

This is proof that at least Denver has a capable defense. That will be one of the main challenges that the Dolphins will have to go through if they plan on dominating Denver.

However, I believe that the Dolphins offense shouldn't be too concerned about the rest of that defense.

Now, the Dolphins may not have an elite-level defense, but they should have no problem figuring out Russell Wilson and outwitting the struggling Denver offense.

The Broncos are in a winless situation right now. Meanwhile, things are looking up for the Dolphins.

I believe Denver will someday get on the board, but it's not going to be this Sunday.

Final Score Prediction: Broncos 13, Dolphins 35