The NFL hoping a Dolphins rival can save their primetime viewership is a joke

The NFL is hoping that this Dolphins AFC East rival will make a big impression in 2024
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

There is something going on with the NFL schedule makers this year, as they are betting on one of the Miami Dolphins AFC East rivals to highlight their primetime games. Is this the right call? Maybe it's a giant mistake.

The New York Jets will play in six primetime games before they get to their bye week. They will also play in London this year. That game may not be a primetime showdown, but it will be televised without competition early Sunday morning.

New York is scheduled to play two games on Monday Night Football, two on Thursday Night Football, and two on Sunday Night Football. This is the power of prayer, as in praying that Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy and lead the Jets to a potential division title.

The NFL banking on Aaron Rodgers to be elite in primetime is a mistake

For a team that won seven games last season, the NFL is betting that Rodgers will stay healthy and the coaching staff, who many believe is on the hot seat, will be able to turn their season around and win the division. AFC East fans will watch and see if the NFL is right to give them so many games on the primetime schedule or if it is another head-scratcher.

In Miami, people can look forward to five primetime games for the Dolphins. This after an 11-win season. Miami will play two Monday night games (Titans and Rams), one Sunday night game against the Browns, one Thursday night game against the Bills, and will play in the late game on Thanksgiving Day.

It appears the league is far more interested in hoping Rodgers can stay healthy this year, and as a result, the Jets will be better and more interesting to watch. Of Miami's five primetime games, two are at home, the Bills and Titans, while the Rams, Packers, and Browns will all be on the road. We'll be watching those closely instead of watching Rodgers and the Jets try to stay relevant.