Tua Tagovailoa proved all his haters wrong by showing up for Dolphins OTAs

Amazingly, Tua Tagovailoa isn't holding out and is showing up for voluntary OTAs.
Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

In what may go down as the holdout that never happened, Tua Tagovailoa showed up to voluntary OTAs for the Miami Dolphins. So, for all the folks out there who stayed up all night crafting their best anti-Tua joke about how he should be at every single workout they have and that there is no reason that a player at his level should be rejecting contract offers like every other player ever, well done. You successfully wasted your time.

Did you honestly think, with what we do know about Tagovailoa, that he would make a public spectacle about his contract negotiations with the Dolphins and skip out on OTAs? Come on, this was never going to happen.

Tua Tagovailoa showing up for Dolphins OTAs should have surprised no one

Say what you want about Tagovailoa - you can say he doesn't rise in the biggest moments, he hasn't done amazing work at getting to his third read, or that he needs to run more. All of that is valid and he needs to improve on those aspects of his game if this team is ever going to make a playoff run. If he doesn't, then we will not be a particularly happy fanbase.

What you can't say is that he doesn't know how to handle the media. He showed that when all the Deshaun Watson stuff was happening. He knows it's always best for business to be boring at the podium instead of venting frustration and making a scene.

Tagovailoa knows he's getting his long-term deal from the Dolphins. We all know it even though it's a bit tougher for some to deal with that future reality. Some fans are still torn about him getting a bank-breaking extension, but Chris Grier is going to eventually get things over the line with him.

We don't know exactly how much it will be for, but everyone should prepare themselves to see at least $50 million being the number for how much he's getting per year and that he will get somewhere around $75 million in a signing bonus. That's how this goes and in two years, Tagovailoa will probably be underpaid.

With that said, this idea that Tagovailoa was going to be a disgruntled holdout was hilarious from the start. I have no idea how folks thought this would occur, but I'm sure the same thing will happen in a few weeks when mandatory minicamp begins on June 4. There will be a crop of folks peddling nonsense that Tagovailoa may not show up, but it will be another waste of time in an effort to cash in on Tagovailoa's name. That is the nature of the offseason: making big deals when there is no deal to begin with.