NFL Combine Players For Miami Dolphins To Watch


It’s only been a couple of weekends since the NFL wrapped up it’s season but it’s time to get in gear and get ready for the start of the 2015 season. It’s NFL Combine week and the nations top collegiate athletes (that were invited anyways) will be on display throughout the week as NFL clubs prod, poke, and ask questions about prostitute mothers.

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This year the Dolphins hierarchy, including new face Mike Tannenbaum, will be in Indianapolis for the event. While the real nitty gritty stuff doesn’t get started until Friday teams will have plenty of time to hang around and pick the brains of soon to be NFL free agent’s, agents, even though they are not supposed to. What they will be waiting for is the weekend when they get their first live look in some cases at the 2015 draft prospects.

With needs along the offensive and possibly defensive lines as well as at wide-receiver and cornerback, the Dolphins will have a full workload of scouting.

Friday, Feb. 20: Specialists, offensive linemen, tight ends
Saturday, Feb. 21: Quarterbacks, running backs wide receivers
Sunday: Feb. 22: Defensive linemen, linebackers
Monday, Feb. 23: Defensive backs

Here is a look at some of the players the Dolphins might be looking at this weekend.

Melvin Gordon – Running back Wisconsin.

The Dolphins do not have a major need at running back but they also don’t want to entertain another season with Lamar Miller as the sole featured back. Gordan is a highly athletic player who can change the pace of the game. The likelihood of Gordon being a Dolphin after the draft is very low given the teams needs at other positions. However, Gordon could spark interest with a very good combine and pro-day workout. He should be available at 14 and if the other players are not there that Miami may want, Gordon isn’t a bad fallback option.

Kevin White – wide-receiver – West Virginia.

The last time the Dolphins drafted someone named White from West Virginia it was an epic fail that still reverberates across the Dolphins fan landscape. This White isn’t that White. Kevin White is an explosive wide receiver who goes after the ball. He struggles at times with press coverage at the line but once he gets free he excels in a wide range of routes. With the Dolphins possibly looking to replace Brian Hartline this season, White could be a step in day one receiver. Mike Mayock has White listed as his number one WR.

DeVante Parker – wide-receiver – Louisville

Staying with the wide-out theme for another player or two, Parker is the muscle wide-receiver the Dolphins lack. He has great hands and drops almost nothing. His down side is he can’t run block and he doesn’t handle press coverage well. However he uses his height, 6’3″, to get to the ball at the high point. Parker will need to grow into the NFL but all indications are that he will.

Dorian Green-Beckham – wide-receiver – Missouri

Green-Beckham is often referred to as the best pure athlete at the wide-receiver position. The kids potential and talent are amazing and his ceiling is only limited by his own off-field issues. Green-Beckham will not go in round one and many believe that the wide receiver could go un-drafted due to many off-field issues that have included him being kicked off the Missouri football team among others. The Dolphins could take a chance on this very fast and tall wide-out but if they do, day three is the day to take him as there is no guarantee that he will make it a full season without a suspension in the NFL.

Devin Smith – wide-receiver – Ohio State

Smith runs a 4.45 40 and torched Oregon in the National Championship this year. His speed is phenomenal but unfortunately the Dolphins haven’t been able to find a way to use Mike Wallace’s speed either. Smith is a day two or day three pick.

We will move on to offensive lineman and then to the defensive later this week.