Top 2015 NFL Free Agents By Tier For Miami Dolphins


It’s going to get really exciting as the end of the week approaches. Teams can begin legally discussing contracts with a players agent on Saturday but can’t sign him until next Tuesday at 4:00 pm eastern time. In the meantime the rumors should ramp up and the illegal meandering of every club should be in full swing.

This years class of free agents could be one of the best. Here is a look at some of the top names by tier that the Miami Dolphins may look at, not sign, but look at. Cost aside.


Ndamukong Suh – by far the best of this years free agent class. If he does indeed make the free agent market. The Lions are not in a good position to re-sign him but there are a lot of teams with a lot more money to throw at Suh. Suh will likely hit the market and he would be foolish to sign and extension with Detroit unless it was simply out of this world. His next contract likely will be. Suh is the hot rumor associated with the Miami Dolphins at this point in the week but can Miami clear the cap space and still leave money left to spend elsewhere? That is the biggest question of all.

Randall Cobb – A history with Joe Philbin means that the Dolphins will at least discuss him internally. The problem here is that Cobb has been primarily a slot receiver which is where Jarvis Landry lines up. Can he bounce to the vacated number two receiver position left by Brian Hartline‘s release? Can the Dolphins pony up the money that Cobb will likely command?

Jeremy Maclin – Maclin is a legit number one/two receiver so there is no question Miami could use him for the next several years but Maclin is going to be expensive. Not as expensive as Cobb but they already have a lot of money tied up in Mike Wallace. Maclin has the Bill Lazor connection in Miami but can he become a go to threat in Miami?

Not going to happen tier one free agents:

Julius Thomas – the Dolphins tagged Charles Clay and can’t afford the Jimmy Graham/Rob Gronkowski contract that Thomas will get.

Demarco Murray – Miami needs a running back but Murray has a lot more suitors out there and Miami needs to spend elsewhere.


Terrance Knighton – the former or soon to be former Denver Bronco is a very good up front run stopper and will be considerably less than Suh. Knighton fills a need for the Dolphins but Miami will get a challenge from plenty of teams looking for his services. There is not guarantee that the Dolphins will even look this direction but they probably should.

Brandon Flowers – when he is on, he is really good as a starting corner back and the Dolphins need a quality corner opposite Brent Grimes. Flowers has played very well for San Diego. The problem however is Flowers gets injured, he is coming off a bounce back season, and is smaller like Grimes. This according to

Orlando Franklin – another soon to be former Denver Bronco, Franklin is exactly what Miami needs to help their offensive line. Able to play both guard and right tackle, Franklin is a starter who still has upside potential. With questions still surrounding Branden Albert‘s availability at seasons start, Franklin could jump in and play right tackle with Ja’wuan James filling in for Albert until he is ready to go.

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David Harris – the Dolphins need linebacker help and Harris is well known to Mike Tannenbaum. The Dolphins will find a few other teams to compete with and Harris is over 30 years old so his contract won’t be too much to handle.

Frank Gore – the Dolphins need a supplemental runner to Lamar Miller and Gore is looking to continue another season or two as a more featured back. In Miami he can not only return home but have a legit shot to carry a good portion of the workload.

Davon House – House is ready to become a starter and the Dolphins could get themselves an up and coming cornerback for cheap. House has been playing various roles in Green Bay but he wants the chance to start. He won’t be an immediate penciled in starter with the Dolphins but he should be able to compete for the job easily.

Clint Boling – another good option to fix the Dolphins guard issues. Boling has been very good with the Bengals and the Dolphins need guard help immediately. Miami is saying they believe in Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner but believing in them is one thing, risking your career on them is another.


Joe Barksdale – more a tackle than a guard but a better guard than what Miami has, Barksdale could be the cheaper version of Franklin. Barksdale has played well for the Rams and he will be a good signing for any team needing guard/tackle help.

Justin Forsett – Forsett could and likely should be rated higher than Frank Gore as he is younger but last season was his big breakout season and no one is sure if that was more than just a one year wonder. In Miami Forsett would do well with the zone blocking needs and has proven to be an adequate back who could be the featured runner ahead of Lamar Miller.

Harry Douglas – Douglas was trapped behind two of the best receivers in the NFL while in Atlanta but when he played he played well. The Dolphins need a wide-receiver and Douglas would be a cheap option who could come in with little to no guarantee.

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