Miami Dolphins Draft Prospect: Trae Waynes


The Miami Dolphins may take a look at Trae Waynes with the 14th overall pick in the draft but that doesn’t mean they will draft him. The signing of Brice McCain and Zack Bowman make the need for a first round cornerback less of a need allowing the team to focus on other needs. But what if Waynes is the pick?

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The information on these players is provided by Ian Wharton of Ian put out his first Big Board 2015 NFL Draft Guide that was released this week and with his permission I will be using his information to highlight these players. You can buy a copy of the draft guide, something I highly recommend, by going here. The price for the digital guide is $5.00 and has over 250 profiles of incoming draft prospects complete with rankings. This is a guide that even the biggest draftnik can use. Be sure to follow Ian on Twitter as well @NFLfilmstudy.

Wharton has Waynes ranked as his 4th best corner back on the board based on his ranking system. The Michigan State prospect stands 6’0″ and clocked a 4.31 in the 40. He has a vertical leap of 38″ at 186 pounds.

Trae Waynes was the best defensive back for a team loaded with solid secondary options. He has decent size, but his lack of bulk could be an issue if he can’t add muscle.

A two year letterman at MSU Waynes has a high leadership mark (9 out of 10) and is exemplary off the field. On the field he is durable but has had an injury to his leg which isn’t expected to be much of a concern.

Athletically Waynes is a true athlete with great hips who can turn and cover and also has the speed to keep up with the top receivers in the league. The problem with Waynes is he lacks the physicality due to a smaller frame but Miami fans know all about small frame corners…ahem…Brent Grimes.

Wharton views Waynes to Kareem Jackson of the Houston Texans and projects him to be a day one selection.

Wharton’s Summary:

Waynes has a terrific ability to mirror receivers with great footwork, then transition to a turn and run downfield. He likes to play physically downfield, which is fine because of his knack for finding the ball mid-air. This will help him avoid penalties. He plays the ball pretty well, but he drops a few due to body catching.

Why Trae Waynes is a good fit for the Miami Dolphins:

The Dolphins need to shore up the cornerback position across from Brent Grimes and they also need to start thinking about replacing Grimes down the road. Waynes could develop into a pro-bowl caliber corner and more importantly a leader on the team in the secondary. He has the tools to be very good at the next level and the Dolphins will face very tough receiver competition in the AFC East including Sammy Watkins of Buffalo and Brandon Marshall in New York.

Why Trae Waynes is not a good fit for the Dolphins:

A good fit may be the wrong words to use as he is a very good fit for the Dolphins. He may not be the best option for the Dolphins. A team that needs wide-receiver help, offensive line help, linebacker help, and running back help, Waynes is almost a luxury. If he is the best player available (something I am a strong proponent of drafting regardless of need in round one) then the Dolphins could do far worse.