Miami Dolphins Jordan Phillips


When the Miami Dolphins selection in round two came up it was quickly traded to Philadelphia. When the pick came up again the Dolphins took a project. A very big project. Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips.

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Phillips has a very high ceiling but he is not day one ready to start which has a lot of fans questioning the selection. A former Oklahoma Sooner, Phillips needs to work on a lot of his mechanics if he is going to be top defensive lineman in the league. Perhaps the Dolphins are hoping that Ndamukong Suh can help him grow.

Many had Phillips projected to go anywhere between the late 2nd round to the 5th round. With the trade from Philadelphia the Dolphins gained two more picks in the 5th round. That is still a long ways to wait until they can get a need position…such as guard.

Phillips still could be a very good selection. He has a lot of ceiling and is very coachable but a back injury in 2013 limited his production in 2014. He has only started 17 games in college.

Ian Wharton’s summary:

Jordan Phillips is the ultimate investment project. He has great upside but could get washed out of the league, too. He started just 17 games in college and had back surgery in 2013. He’s a good athlete that can move decently laterally for his size. Isn’t playing up to his ability with only one year of major experience. He pops straight up too often and is single blocked. Not much of a penetrator right now. Needs to overhaul his pass rush moves set. Just kind of engages and doesn’t use his arms or hands especially well.

Wharton has Phillips graded as an 8 in pass rushing and an 8 in clogging holes on the line. He is the type of player who can pull double teams but is not very good at getting away from them.

It’s a decent selection but one that likely could have been made later in the draft. That all being said, the Dolphins got a player who wants to be a Miami Dolphin.