Is Dan Marino overrated?

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“Marino didn’t have the weapons.”

Let’s forsake the ground game in this argument because it’s been proven that Marino had zero ground support.

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Marino had the Marks Brothers, Irving Fryar, and some other wide receivers that made our all-time list. But during his twilight years with Jimmy Johnson, this is definitely an argument.

While Brady has Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelmann during his twilight. Montana had Jerry Rice for his latter stages with San Francisco and Manning has Demaryius Thomas. Those are good weapons to have when you’re over 30.

Marino never had a consistent Rice-type receiver during his career. He lacked a game breaking wide receiver like Thomas and tight end like Gronkowski during the latter portion of his career. Instead, Marino had O.J. McDuffie (a very good possession type receiver), Tony Martin (a deep threat that never panned out), and Oronde Gadsden (another possession receiver) during his later stages.

Marino certainly had the weapons early on, but as it progressed – and Jimmy Johnson took over – the team began to rely more on him when it should have been focusing on making it easier on him.