Miami Dolphins Q&A with a Jaguars writer


The Miami Dolphins will face off just after 4:00 on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dolphins are currently around six point favorites. The Jaguars are coming off a 20-9 loss to the Carolina Panthers last Sunday while the Dolphins are trying to extend their opening season win record to two. A lot of questions are currently unanswered for both teams.

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For the Dolphins, 2015 is a season that comes with a lot of optimism and even more expectations while the Jaguars are trying to turn a corner. Last year the finished with three wins and 13 losses. In fact the Jaguars lost their first six games before beating the Cleveland Browns. They followed that victory with four more consecutive losses. They are obviously trying to change that this season.

Today, I took the time to exchange questions with the writer for and we opted to take a more comical look in some regards to the game that is presented ahead of us. Here are the questions and answers that I asked Daniel Lago.

PP:  How has Jared Odrick looked so far this year? Is he still not wearing deodorant in practices and games?

Odrick’s odor has been an issue from day 1, but the team has worked hard to integrate him into the defense. He was just OK in the preseason and didn’t make much of an impact in week 1, but he should settle into his role as the “big” end as the season goes along. He’s not really being counted on to provide a consistent pass rush, but he should be able to contribute in that department once Sen’Derrick Marks gets healthy and adds the ability to pressure the quarterback along the interior.

PP: Blake Bortles has a name that sounds like a great Southern Whiskey but he didn’t really mature last year, what’s the issue here?

Jaguars fans were reaching for some whiskey after that week 1 performance. Dolphins’ fans are familiar with Bortles’ penchant for throwing pick-6’s from last season’s game, and Bortles picked up right where he left off last week against the Panthers. It was a rough outing, but Bortles has looked the part in the preseason and in practices. I’m going to chalk up his week 1 performance as just a bad game and I expect him to put the improvements he’s made over the offseason on display as the season goes along.

PP: There was a rumor floating around that Paul Posluszny might have been released this past off-season. He didn’t and restructured his deal. Why has he been so disappointing?

"B&T:  I wouldn’t say Posluszny has been disappointing, but he certainly is overpaid. As a middle linebacker who contributes almost solely in the run game, Poz is paid like one of the best linebackers in football. He had arguably his best game in a Jaguar uniform last week when he had a terrific interception and played well in the run game, but he’s always been a liability in coverage. The Dolphins have a chance to get Jordan Cameron going in the middle of the field if they target Poz."

PP:  The offensive line for the Jags have a lot big names, Joeckel, Wisneiwski, Beadles, and that guy at right tackle that I can’t remember. Why are they so inconsistent with so much talent?

"B&T: Continuity has been an issue for the Jaguars with lineman getting hurt and underperforming as well. Beadles might not be the best option at left guard on the roster, but he is the most experienced and therefore gets the start by default. Joeckel has been more average than people give him credit for, but he certainly hasn’t lived up the billing of being the second overall pick. Wisniewski just started his first game with the team so I’ll reserve judgement on him for a few weeks.The right side of the line is actually quite solid, with Jermey Parnell already performing like one of the better right tackles in the league and Brandon Linder establishing himself as one of the best young guards in the NFL."

PP: Who will be more represented on Sunday, Dolphins fans or Jaguars fans? Also do women need a certain type of body to be allowed in the pool or just a certain amount of money?