Dolphins Jamil Douglas in tears after loss


The Miami Dolphins lost a close game on Sunday and Jamil Douglas took the loss personally. The errant snap on 4th and goal with time ticking off reduced the rookie lineman to tears after the game.

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Emotion isn’t new to the NFL. Ryan Tannehill told reporters that he felt for him, that he had “been there before and he (Douglas) will be better for it”. The scene after the game wasn’t comfortable for the media.

Douglas’ rookie season has been up and down at best but mostly down. The entire offensive line has been horrible this season. Since 2o12 no other quarterback in the league has been sacked more than Tannehill. Tannehill has endured 183 sacks since coming into the NFL. He is obviously tough to handle that kind of beating but it’s a glaring issue. Whether that problem is all offensive line issues, coaching issues, or Tannehill’s inability to move around the pocket something needs to change. In 2015, with one game remaining, Tannehill has gone down 38 times. Six on Sunday.

Douglas wasn’t the only problem on Sunday. While he was playing center and out of position, the entire line didn’t do their jobs. Six sacks, no running lanes, and all of this against one of the weaker defensive lines in the NFL. Perhaps the entire line should have been crying.

At first I had thoughts of Jonathan Martin sitting in his stall wigging out because he was being bullied but as it set in I think it shows a bit of passion on Douglas’ part. He was obviously upset because he felt he let the team down. For three-quarters and 14:00 the entire offense let the team down so no worries there Jamil. The fact that it bothers him enough to be reduced to tears at least shows some emotion for the game.

Something that a lot of other players should be showing. I can think of a few than need a good Richie Incognito berating.