Dolphins should consider trading Ryan Tannehill


The Miami Dolphins won’t but they should consider trading starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Only if they can land a quarterback at the top of the draft.

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Miami is in position, or close to the position it would take to draft a quarterback like Memphis’ Paxton Lynch. I wrote about that possibility here. As I was writing about Lynch I wondered if the Dolphins could pull off what the San Diego Chargers did with Phillip Rivers but then I thought why bother to wait until 2017 to release or try and trade Tannehill. Why not do it during the draft?

Doing so would not be cap friendly as the Dolphins would eat around $9 million and save somewhere around $2.5. Those numbers could be off around $3-4 million if I read the numbers wrong. Which has happened. That being said, even at $13 million the Dolphins could get a return for the quarterback now. They won’t in 2017.

Tannehill’s contract is such that 2016 is his last with guaranteed money. In 2017 his contract skyrockets but it’s not guaranteed. The Dolphins would almost definitely need to restructure it. Another team however would get Tannehill for one year in 2016 at a reasonable cost and then be able to restructure the deal themselves.

The Dolphins could get a 1st or a 2nd round pick for Tannehill. Several teams need quarterback help and while fans in Miami may not like what they see out of the quarterback, he has talent and needs coaching. With a better line and a better scheme, Tannehill could thrive. He could thrive in Miami with the same compliments.

If a new head coach doesn’t want Tannehill then trading him could be an option. Especially if the Dolphins can get something for him and get the quarterback in the draft they want. A team like the Texans could use a quarterback like Tannehill and he would get good coaching. If the Texans go into round two of the playoffs, Tannehill could be a far better option than any quarterback they will find in the draft in any round.

Let’s face one fact here. This is entirely speculation and nothing more than something we can talk about. Is it going to happen? No. Is it going to be considered? Not likely. Should it be considered? Probably.

Miami needs to do something. The status quo isn’t working and Miami needs to shake things up and if what Miko Grimes is spewing about players in the locker room not having faith or belief in Tannehill, then it might be time to at least consider the possibility and explore those options. Especially if the Dolphins are in position to draft another top quarterback prospect and can find a partner to trade with.

Both are unlikely possibilities but hey, it’s the Dolphins so who knows. Oh, and in no way am I saying that I don’t have belief in Tannehill…but I would always keep my options open. Also before you say, “No one is going to trade for Ryan Tannehill”, the same was said about A.J. Feeley. There is always someone that will consider everyone.