Another NFL Draft trade shakes up the top


The Cleveland Browns held the number two selection in the NFL Draft next week but they stayed true to the rumors and traded the pick to Philadelphia.

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The Eagles who had been a hot rumor to want to move up to grab a quarterback last year failed to make a move with the Titans. They tried again this year to make a move with the Titans again but failed and the Titans traded with the Rams. Now the Eagles are in the position they want moving up to the number two spot with a trade with the Browns.

The Browns will receive the 8th overall pick, originally held by the Miami Dolphins, the Eagles 3rd round pick number 77 overall, and a 4th round pick. The Eagles will also send their 2017 first round pick to the Browns as well as their 2018 2nd round pick. That’s a large bounty for a team that wasn’t sure if they liked their options at number 2.

The Eagles will not have their choice of either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff depending on who the Rams select at number one. It’s now entirely possible that the Browns could still go quarterback and draft Paxton Lynch at number eight.

With the two trades at the top of the draft, it’s almost a certainty that one of the top ten non-quarterback position players will drop to the Dolphins at 13. Figuring that the Rams and Eagles will go QB, the top 3 picks could look like this.

1: Wentz, 2: Goff, 3: Laremy Tunsil,

The Cowboys pick at number four where they are almost certain to draft Jalen Ramsey if San Diego passes on him in favor of Tunsil. The Jaguars are picking 5th where they are expected to draft Joey Bosa. This leaves the Ravens in the 6th spot. The Ravens could go with Ezekiel Elliot, Ronnie Stanley, or defensive end DeForest Buckner. The 49’ers who previously were slated to go after a quarterback could be in play for the Paxton if they believe he will be the answer.

More than likely the 49’ers will pass on a quarterback and instead look at Myles Jack. The Browns now at eight still may go quarterback but they need a lot of defensive help specifically at LB, defensive line, and defensive end. They also could be the team that takes a wide-receiver first. Corner back is not one of their top needs.

Tampa Bay has needs at a few positions as well and the shake-up could put them in a position to go with a top defensive end but they are likely to go cornerback as well. The Giants will pick in the 10th spot and are now the most likely landing spot for Elliot but they have needs at WR, offensive line, and linebacker as well. Chicago has a small need for a running back and entertained Elliot this week but their biggest need is an edge rusher. The Saints at 12 also need defensive help.

The Dolphins could find themselves having to decide between Elliot and a corner back at 13 and it’s not entirely out of the question that Myles Jack falls to 13 as well due to concerns over his knee injury.

The good news is that this will all be over in another week and the Dolphins can then turn their attention to the day two and day three selections.