Fantasy football leagues filling quickly

Oct 4, 2015; London, United Kingdom; Miami Dolphins cheerleaders perform during Game 12 of the NFL International Series against the New York Jets at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 4, 2015; London, United Kingdom; Miami Dolphins cheerleaders perform during Game 12 of the NFL International Series against the New York Jets at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Fantasy Football leagues won’t start playing until September and league drafts won’t occur until later in August, but getting leagues started and filled takes time.

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There are still several spots available and we will be cutting off the entry in 2 weeks so that we can get draft dates organized (because I’m a schmoe who will be out of town for 2 weeks in August)

This year we will have two different types of leagues for you to join.

The first thing you need to know about the leagues:

Drafts – All drafts are LIVE snake format drafts held on ESPN’s draft pages accessible through each leagues main site.

Drafts – All drafts are set up only after the league has filled and the date will be determined by finding out what each individual can do so that everyone can be present for the draft.

Drafts – The draft order will be randomly done using ESPN’s draft randomizer (a vote will be made on each league site asking if participants want to have a random draw 1 hour prior to the draft instead)

Joining a league – Simply email me at and tell me what league you want to join. In order to receive the invitation to the league you will need to pay the entry fee (last year I spent over $500.00 out of pocket to cover players who never sent their money in, not this year). You will be directed on how to pay when you contact me.

REFUND – Sometimes you join a league and realize you can’t stay in it. I understand that so, if at anytime PRIOR to the league setting it’s draft date and setting the draft order you may ask for a refund and it will be returned to you in full via. Once the league draft date is set, a refund will NOT be given should you opt out. However if the draft date causes a problem and it’s possible, I can move you to another league if one is available. We can also try to replace your team in which case I will refund your money.

Fees – each league will payout to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as stated per league minus $5.00 per team. That money will be used for charges, domain rights and server chargers for and both of which I manage and operate. Any remaining money will be donated. Over the past nine years, this $5.00 was strictly used for charity drives and I feel it necessary to be open about where that money will be used this year.

Joining – You can join as many leagues as you wish and you can invite your family and friends however you may not personally have more than one team in any one league. This will be monitored closely. If you are caught trying to use multiple teams in one league and trading between those teams you will be removed from the league and forfeit any  money you may have won as well as your buy in costs.

Payouts – Unless noted, all leagues payout to first, second, and third.


$25.00 league – These leagues are 12 team or 10 team leagues depending on response and participation. The number of leagues that will be created are based on the number of teams that join. I will not be playing in these leagues this year, I will however manage the leagues independently to ensure fairness. Payouts are $160.00 to first, $50.00 to 2nd, and $30.00 to 3rd.

(2 spots open in the first 100.00 league)

$100.00 league – This is a 12 team league only and was introduced last year and was so popular we could have filled three leagues but stuck with two. I play in this league. There is no fees or deductions from this league. Payouts are as follows:  4th, 5th, and 6th places all receive $100.00 (you win your money back). 3rd place receives $200.00, 2nd place receives $300.00, and first place receives $400.00. To win back your money you only need to make the playoffs.

All leagues are standard scoring with points per reception. QB’s touchdowns are worth 6 points not 4. Please be sure to READ thoroughly all scoring once you have joined a league.

These leagues will begin filling immediately. If you wish to join please contact me again at

Please note: While all of these leagues have been a part of our community for what will now be its 10th season, these leagues are managed solely by me, Brian Miller, and are not sanctioned by or held by the FanSided network or any affiliates. The intentions of these leagues are to provide a fair play atmosphere for you to play with other Miami Dolphins and NFL fans without worry of cheating or manipulation. Questions prior to or during or problems should be directed at me at my email.

Good luck and have fun!