Dolphins preview preseason game 2 Vs Cowboys


With the second preseason game of the year coming up we can look for possible indicators as to which players may have moved in the right direction to pick up the system that Adam Gase is trying to implement.

This game the first team starting veterans will be getting more playing time especially on defense where Suh, Williams and Wake were absent last time. The reasoning that this trio is a welcomed addition is because the team they are facing this preseason game the Cowboys has perhaps the most stout offensive line in the league.

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The Dolphins first team offensive line seems to be in flux and in need of improvement. This could be due to the fact that the guard play is lacking as it had been going back a number of seasons now. The same players that have graded near or at the bottom each season are still installed in the first team line when logic would indicate these players should be the last in line as backups at best. New proven veteran players were brought in to play at guard only these players were tackles and need to not only switch position but the side of the line, hopefully they are getting the needed reps and experience needed to make the transition.

If fans want to get excited over what Ryan Tannehill and the new look offense Adam Gase is attempting to implement can do then this first team line needs to get worked out. If they go three and out and only play two series again then all the disdain that has already been reverberating to this point will only be magnified.

Here is an example of that local disdain.

"Joe Schad @schadjoeMy man @BigOShow says Brandon Doughty has a higher ceiling than Ryan Tannehill. No knock on Doughty but that can’t be right."

"Orlando Alzugaray @BigOShowOne thinks like a real QB which gives him an edge while the other is too mechanical to ever be a real QB."

Joe Schad is the new beat writer for the Palm Beach Post, he was on the WQAM Orlando Alzugaray show and while dodging all the poisonous darts aimed at Ryan Tannehill Orlando Alzugaray launched throughout the duration of his show Joe Schad had to resort to the above social media twitter exchange above. If anyone sat through Thursdays Orlando Alzugaray @BigOShow show they might have come away with a notion that Ryan Tannehill is incapable of lacing up his cleats or donning his uniform for Fridays nights preseason game Vs the Cowboys.

Ryan Tannehill: Pass Protection Has Made ‘Great Strides’ the Past Couple Days
Published on Aug 17, 2016 Sun Sentinel

Miami Dolphins quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, feels comfortable with the offensive line.

And this from Cover 32

NFL Preseason: Bold Predictions for Week 2

Arian Foster gets injured

“Moving on from the Texans to Dolphins this offseason, Foster’s return to Texas does not go along as he hoped as he suffers an undisclosed lower leg injury during the game against the Cowboys. Jay Ajayi takes the rest of Foster’s reps and also struggles during the contest.

Really, out of all these predictions that I’ve done here this one seems the most likely. With Foster’s past injury problems, getting hit by a feather the wrong way on Friday night could be all it takes to put Foster on the shelf for the rest of his NFL career.”

Robert Molnar

Arian Foster Says He Needs Preseason Work
Published on Aug 17, 2016 Sun Sentinel

Dolphins tailback Arian Foster will participate in the preseason for the first time since 2012 on Friday.

Foster gets 4-8 carries for 60-80 yards, 5-7 receptions if they stay longer than two failed series for 40-50 yards showing shades of the healthy back he has been in the past.

Speaking of running backs Cowboys rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott not expected to play against Dolphins. Tony Romo is expected to play a series or two.

Dolphins activate rookie corner Xavien Howard however it is highly unlikely to expect him to have any playing time although he might start practicing Sunday.

Tony Lippett: He was handed the baton and has bobbled it. Can he get a better grasp with it the next go around?

Bobby McCain: Is he stepping out of the nickel role he had been casted in? So far he has looked good playing the outside and claims that the game is slowing for him.

Michael Thomas: The nickel role could open up for him provided Bobby McCain progresses on the outside.

Isa Abdul-Quddus: A safety role is his for the taking he just needs to clean up on keeping containment in the backfield when he is sent in and keep the rest of his play at the same level it has been or better.

Terrence Fede: He needs to keep showing the strong results he had the last game.

Brandon Harris: Can build off his strong play in the end zone denying receivers from scoring

Walt Aikens: Had an impressive showing last game Vs the running game and got a strip sack from behind on Nassib something he can build on

Chris McCain: Not only does he need to add to his impressive showing from the last game he may need to also be mistake free to hold his standing.

Brandon Doughty: His feet have not been held to the fire yet. So far he hasn’t had multiple plays under pressure or had play Vs higher string teams.

Other notes

Eagles Kicker Caleb Sturgis (ex Dolphin) Suffers Concussion, Hit With Punt While Not Wearing Helmet Pregame. The last news he made on the Dolphins was getting injured in a kickball game.

The run defense needs to clean up the tackling foremost and the offensive line needs improvement at the start of this game. If this takes place then we can see the overall growth. The first preseason game showed that the depth of talent can shine now we need to see how well it can congeal with the rest of the first team veteran presence in order to reach the teams fullest potential.