Miami Dolphins fantasy week one players


The Miami Dolphins are not the only ones looking forward to week one of the season. Millions of fantasy football fans are ready to just how good or how bad their teams are for 2016.

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With the NFL season set to kick-off Thursday night, it’s time to get those fantasy rosters set and then sit back and pray that everything goes well. Now for many of you if not all of you who read this site, you damn well know you drafted Dolphins players. Why? Because you couldn’t help it.

As a homer you have to have at least one Dolphins player on your roster. You have to. Maybe it’s Andrew Franks or maybe you drafted Ryan Tannehill late because there is that tiny bit of hope that this will be the year he explodes and you can brush off your shoulder and tell your friends, “steal” because you took him in round 13.

Perhaps you are one of those fans, like James Miller who has to have as many Dolphins players as you can get because “OMG, they are so good on Madden!”.

Don’t be a “Jimmy”.

With almost every fantasy draft now over it’s not a question of what Miami Dolphins player you drafted, but whether you should start them. Here is the start and sit list for week one vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins are facing a very tough Seattle team in Seattle which doesn’t bode well for Ryan Tannehill. Despite the fact the offensive line has improved they have not become cohesive. Mike Pouncey is out and that leaves Anthony Steen in front of Tannehill.

With questions in the running game and on the line this week Tannehill should most definitely “SIT”.

Arian Foster

There is such a desire to throw Foster onto the starting lineup. After all it was only a short three years ago that Foster was the Adrian Peterson of fantasy drafts. That coveted number one overall pick. My how many teams got burned by his injuries.

Against Seattle Foster is a sit and it might be a good idea to wait another week anyway to see what he can do.


Jay Ajayi

If you are not starting Foster you should not be starting Ajayi.  Don’t be that much of a homer.


Jarvis Landry

Landry is the go-to guy in Miami’s offense and regardless of who the team is playing he should post pretty decent numbers. Landry isn’t a touchdown guy but in a PPR league he is more valuable than a receiver who is.

Landry should match up well against the Seattle linebackers who will need to cover him and if Tannehill doesn’t get enough time in the pocket, he will be looking for Landry.


Kenny Stills

If you are starting Stills then you didn’t do a very good job drafting your receiver roster. Stills had a pretty good pre-season but he will need to show that same connection with Tannehill in the regular season.

Drafting Stills wasn’t a mistake so long as you drafted him really late. He could have a very solid season and climb up your roster.



Cameron Wake

Wake is probably the only IDP defensive lineman that you might consider playing. Wake is a pass rush specialist now so it’s unknown how much time he will be on the field.

“Players choice”

Reshad Jones

Jones is going to have his moments but can he get to Russel Wilson fast enough to get you sack points? Unknown. Will have the opportunity to intercept him? Unknown. Should you start him? It’s early in the season but there is a lot of potential for Jones especially if your IDP settings include tackles.


Dolphins defense

It was hard to watch the unit just sit on the draft board as other defenses were taken off. The rounds ticked by and pretty soon you had two rounds left and all the other defenses were gone. Unless your name is James Miller who is the biggest Miami Dolphins fantasy football owner I have ever known, you got stuck with Miami.

The Dolphins defensive front should be good but questions at linebacker and corner make starting this unit a bit of reach this week.


Andrew Franks

Franks is inconsistent but when he is on his game he has a strong leg. The Dolphins may not put up a lot of points on Sunday in the form of touchdowns but the offense could do enough to get into field goal range often enough for Franks to knock down four field goals which could equate to 12 points or more depending on league settings.

He may not be the best option but is an option.

So remember fantasy football players and Miami Dolphins player owners, it’s o.k. to be a homer, just don’t be a “Jimmy”.