Miami Dolphins like both Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen

PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 24: Josh Rosen /

The Miami Dolphins may not be in a position to draft a quarterback this year but there is interest, reportedly, in two of the top signal callers.

Will it be quarterback in round one for the Miami Dolphins or is this entire infatuation with a signal caller nothing more than smoke and mirrors? If it is the latter, they have a lot of people fooled.

While Baker Mayfield has been the top of the rumor chain for Miami since before the NFL Combine. there are reports that Miami actually likes UCLA QB Josh Rosen a little bit more. This too could just be a smokescreen.

Aside from both players likely to be gone in the top 10 of this years draft, there are distinct similarities between the two and quite a bit of differences as well.

Both quarterbacks are leaders and both lead with emotion. This is something that Miami has been trying to teach Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has never been a a rah-rah type of player.

Both Mayfield and Rosen have different sides to this emotional leadership question.

Mayfield has an ego the size of Texas. His emotions are on his sleeves and to many they come off as immature. Mayfield is the type of player who will get loud and try and raise his teammates around him. Rosen has been rumored to be a little more standoffish.

One report on Rosen had him as a potential locker room cancer. His former coach at UCLA Jim Mora, said that at times Rosen was “a challenge”.

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In reality many quarterbacks are given mixed reports coming out of college. QB is a cocky position and good quarterbacks need to be cocky. They need to put themselves at times on a pedestal because it puts them in a position to drive a team.

Some believe that Rosen’s interviews at the NFL Combine seemed far more scripted and carefully crafted. This can often be taken as a front to not hurt his draft stock. Others felt that is his character. Still he apologized for a college hot tub incident and has taken a softer approach to interviews.

With Mayfield there is no questioning his character. He is what he is and if you don’t like it, oh well, that’s on you. Mayfield is boisterous and loud and he doesn’t care if you like that. Unless you are in the media and critical of him.

Mayfield has been rumored to keep media quotes as inspiration to play harder and better. To make them eat their words, but some believe criticism bothers him.

The similarities however are on the field. Both quarterbacks are very good or at least were at the college level and both quarterbacks could become their next teams long-term solution at quarterback.

For the Dolphins they may not have a choice in who they draft and frankly they may not have a choice in either one of them. Both players could last to pick 11 or both could be off the board by the 4th pick if not the 5th. What is for certain is that Miami has met with both players extensively over the last month and a half and they are not done. With either of them.