NFL Draft notes, two quarterbacks may drop out of the top

PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 24: Josh Rosen /

When talk begins about this years NFL Draft most of it centers on the quarterbacks that could go one, two, and three at the top of round one but two may be falling.

The NFL Draft is anything but a guarantee and right now even the Cleveland Browns have not be assigned their future failure at quarterback. Sorry Brown’s fans you do tend to ruin quarterback careers. That being said in jest, the Dolphins may find two quarterbacks on the board at pick 11.

While very little is know about what teams might actually do there are three givens for certain. The Browns will draft a quarterback with their first pick or with the fourth overall pick and the Buffalo Bills will at least try to move up into the top five to take one, and the Jets will draft one at number three overall. After that, all bets are off.

There is talk that both Josh Allen and Josh Rosen could drop out of the top five. If the Bills don’t move up to get a quarterback that likelihood increases. The Broncos might go quarterback at pick five and that would make sense but if the love of Allen who has accuracy issues and Rosen who has off-field maturity concerns derail those plans, they could fall outside of the top 10.

Like everything with the draft this is speculative but more and more people are starting to believe that Josh Allen has too many accuracy issues to go with his big arm to be taken high and the concerns over Rosen’s maturity are legit.

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The Dolphins may have to watch while the linebackers go early and if two quarterbacks do drop then players like Derwin James, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Denzel Ward will also likely come off the board before the 11th pick.

Predicting the first round of the draft is tough and in our recent mock draft we have Allen going number one to Cleveland instead of Sam Darnold. We have Mayfield going to the Jets at three. You can see them all here.

While it is very unlikely that any of the four quarterbacks fall out of the top of the draft it is possible and seems to be a growing opinion. Thankfully we only have to endure this until a week from this Thursday when it will all get unraveled and answered.

For the record, I don’t buy it. I expect all four top QB’s to be gone by pick eight.