The pro’s and con’s of the Miami Dolphins drafting a QB in 2019

NFL yard marker at HRS - Image by Brian Miller
NFL yard marker at HRS - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins are the odds on favorites to land Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray in April’s draft. Drafting a QB in 2019 has rewards.

When the Miami Dolphins are on the clock whether that is at 13 or another spot due to a trade, the talk will center around whether or not they will draft a quarterback. As Miami enters the off-season looking to rebuild, quarterback will be a position of interest. Would drafting a QB this year hurt their rebuilding process?

There are pro’s and con’s to the debate of this years draft. Miami has been linked to building from the trenches where they have needs at defensive end and defensive line. They also have needs on the offensive line as well. Drafting a quarterback may seem like a luxury but make no mistake, the Dolphins are in dire need of a play-making game changing quarterback.

What are the pro’s and con’s of drafting a quarterback in 2019 as opposed to waiting until 2020? There are some arguments to be made on both sides of that discussion.


  • Accelerates the rebuild process by getting a quarterback on the roster now with a full season to learn the position at the next level.
  • One less position of need opening the ability to draft best player available in 2020
  • Potentially be in a valuable position to accumulate more draft picks in the 2020 draft
  • Not passing on a potential playmaker
  • A full year of evaluation to decide if that quarterback has the tools to win

Accelerating the rebuild process is a given. With a franchise quarterback on the roster, the team can build around him. This will allow the Dolphins to focus on other areas of the team that need to get better without worrying about who their quarterback will be.

If the Dolphins drafted a quarterback in 2019 and found themselves in the top of the 2020 draft the Dolphins would be in a position to either draft the best player available or trade the selection and accumulate more draft picks in 2020 and maybe in 2021.

The quarterback class in 2020 is supposed to be deep but there is no guarantee that the Dolphins will finish high enough to land the one guy they want the most. Passing on a quarterback this year would put them in a position next year to rely on a bad record or being ready to potentially settle on a quarterback they really are not that high on.

If the Dolphins believe that one of the quarterbacks in this years draft is the type of player that can be a team leader and someone to build around, they simply can’t pass that up on the hopes of landing one in 2020.


  • Deeper class in 2020
  • Ability to build around the position this year
  • Not in a position to win in 2019

While there are fewer con’s to drafting a quarterback in 2020 the reality is that 2020 is expected to produce potentiall four top quarterbacks in the draft including Jake Fromm, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert. This years draft includes two maybe three top QB’s in Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray, and maybe Drew Lock.

The Dolphins have to make sure they get the right piece for their offensive system but what that system may be at this point is unknown and depends on new coaches Brian Flores and OC Chad O’Shea.

Bypassing QB this year should allow the Dolphins the opportunity to address both trenches including the guard and potentially the tackle position. Bolstering those two spots will increase the protection for a rookie quarterback. While the Dolphins could opt to sit out a rookie this year and build the line next year, having established lineman in place will help with protection of that franchise QB in the future.

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The Dolphins are not in a position to win this year and while many believe the Dolphins will tank, they could just as easily find themselves in the middle of the pack again. Getting better around the quarterback should be the focus in 2019 and then addressing the position in 2020.

The entire topic however is debatable and depends on where the teams opinion is on the quarterback class of 2019. As fans it is a hot topic as well. Some are full in on Murray while others see him as a smallish QB who could change his mind about the NFL or could get hurt.

What are your opinions on finding a quarterback? Is it best to grab one as soon as you can and worry about the rest later or should the Dolphins stick to the premise that 2019 will not be very good for them and a 2020 quarterback will provide more upside and potentially more longevity? It’s up to whether or not you believe that a long-term franchise quarterback is in this years class.

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