Trading back in the draft is the Miami Dolphins best option

A view from under the goal post at hard Rock Stadium. - image by Brian Miller
A view from under the goal post at hard Rock Stadium. - image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins are not saying what they will do when the draft begins later this month but trading back should be their priority.

When the NFL Draft begins later this month, the Miami Dolphins could go in a lot of directions. Trading up is an option if they are in love with a quarterback. They could stay put and draft the top guy on their board. Or they could play it smart and trade back.

This year will provide NFL teams with a lot of talent, especially on the defensive front which happens to be a Miami Dolphins need. Selecting at 13 will give the Dolphins a playmaker but so will drafting at 17 or 28. The truth is the Dolphins have a lot of holes, some glaring, and they need more draft picks.

Through the start of the league new year the Dolphins seem focused on acquiring draft picks in the 2020 draft and that shouldn’t stop now that the 2019 draft is drawing near. Miami isn’t expected to be very good so if they can add more selections to their 2020 pool, it could pay off.

Moving down will add more draft picks. The question is how many and when. Consider that a move to 17 could bring a fourth round draft pick or a 2020 third rounder. Moving down further could up that compensation considerably.

How the Dolphins manage this years draft is important and it will go a long way to rebuilding the roster. With seven selections in 2019 Miami can add players that will help but they are not loaded in the first three rounds having only three picks.

Some will argue that passing on top talent to move down isn’t smart but this years class is unique. Miami could draft a guy like Brian Burns at 13 or trade down to 17 and potentially still have on the board. They could move down and add a Christian Wilkins or a Dexter Lawrence type. Both players are only considered marginally different from any player Miami will find at 13. In other words, they are still getting a player with top potential.

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Of course there could always be a player that falls like Laremy Tunsil or a player that has such high upside you don’t pass on him, like Minkah Fitzpatrick. This is the first year that Chris Grier will freely run the Dolphins draft and as Armando Salguero pointed out recently, Stephen Ross is going to throw suggestions out as well. Last year Grier passed on moving down despite the wishes of Ross. Will that repeat?

The Browns did themselves a favor by spending the last few years compiling draft picks and making smart decisions with who they select. The Dolphins need to be as diligent with their draft prep and not put a single player above the teams overall needs and focus.

Rebuilding isn’t easy but it does require draft picks that are acquired and used the right way. That is where the focus should be and a reason that the Dolphins very well could be moving out of 13 when they are on the clock.