Miami Dolphins week one loss could be a preamble to the season

After the worst loss in regular season history is this the new normal for this severely stripped down Miami Dolphins team?

Although it might be too early to tell it looks like it might be trending that way. The Miami Dolphins open week two at 14.5 point underdogs to the Patriots. That climed to 17.5 within a day.

Looking at this loss that must have been point and laugh bad for non-fans you would think it could only get better from here. In a losing way if that makes sense. Because there are no heroes coming to save the day in fact it maybe the other way around with players wanting to abandon ship.

One way it might get better is having the O-line come together more, after all two starters had only been here for a week. It was a wonder that starting quarterback (for now) Ryan Fitzpatrick got any deep passes off. I don’t think that Josh Rosen did the same but because he got playing time late in game one he just might be getting more chances sooner than later.

Coach Flores put it on himself much like former coach Gase would do early on but here is the rub, Flores is a defensive coach and that side of the ball looked to be the strong point of this team. The O-line is a fair excuse for the lack of offensive output but what can be the same on defense?

Flores piled on himself so I will do some of the same: it might be that because he wants to model the same team he just came from and the fact that most of his players are young and inexperienced that this multifaceted defense he wants to build just won’t spout from nothing. He also let go many players on defense that were good in certain areas in favor of more multifaceted ones who now need to show up in a hurry.

There might be some good coming from this rebuild but I won’t provide false hope in saying they will be wining much or soon. If you want to look toward historical trends the Ravens have run over the Miami Dolphins many times in the past even the same lopsided results in denying a playoff run.

A more resent historical trend is beating the Pats at home. It would be silly to expect that this weekend but if it would at least make it more competitive and go a long way toward providing more entertainment. Trends can only go so far because this last game was ugly from the outset and no amount of spin will change that.

Right now flashes are we have to go on and that should continue as we see some young and inexperienced players develop before our eyes on every Sunday. I have never been on the side of ditching the present for future gains with his team but now find myself watching more games of other teams and wanting the underdogs to win just to move us up toward the goal of that first pick. I have always pulled for the underdog but not like this.

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