NFL teams with .500 or below records face tough finish to 2019

Entering the 12th week of the NFL’s 100th season, the Miami Dolphins currently sit in the number four overall draft spot, if you are keeping track.

The question is where will the Miami Dolphins finish and who do the other teams that are “competing” if you want to call it that, for a top spot in the draft. It matters so let’s look ahead to the rest of the season.

Last week the Atlanta Falcons won and that moved them up a game on the Dolphins. Only two teams sit at 2-8. Miami and the New York Giants. Earlier this week we looked at the positioning of the teams in the current standings. You can read that here.

14 teams are within striking distance of a top five draft pick. Four teams sit at four wins and six losses, or seven as is the case of the Chargers. Six teams have only three wins. We will start with the four win teams.

Chicago:  NYG, @Det, Dal, @GB, KC, @Min

The Bears have a tough road after Detroit. Only Detroit and New York have not won more than five games.

Cleveland:  Mia, @Pit, Cin, @Ari, Bal, @Cin

Cleveland has an interesting late schedule. They play four games against teams under .500 including the winless Bengals twice. They also play the five win Steelers in a big rematch.

Jacksonville: @Ten, TB, LAC, @Oak, @Atl, Ind

The Chargers and Tampa Bay are the only below .500 teams remaining.

Los Angeles Chargers:  Bye, @Den, @Jax, Min, Oak, @KC

Not an easy stretch for the Chargers late but their next two are against teams on this list.

Three win teams

Detroit: @ Was Chi, @Min, TB, Den, GB

The Lions have three games against teams with four wins or less


The Cardinals play no more teams with less than five wins.

Atlanta: TB NO, Car, @SF, Jax, @TB

Atlanta has three games remaining against teams with four or less wins.

Denver:   @Buf, LAC, @Hou, @KC, Det, Oak

Denver is not going to find the final stretch easy.

New York Jets:  Oak, @Cin, MIa, @Bal, Pit, @Buf

The Jets will be lucky to beat the Bengals at the rate they are playing.

Tampa Bay:  @Atl, @Jax, IND, @Det, Hou, Atl

Four of the Buccaneers final games are against team with less than .500 records and they are not playing bad football.

Two win teams

Miami:  @Cle, Phi, @NYJ, @NYG, Cin, @NE

The game between Miami and the Bengals could be the deciding factor in who has the first overall pick. It is still likely to end up between the Bengals and Redskins however. Four of the Dolphins last six are against below .500 teams.

New York Giants:  @Chi, GB, @Phi, Mia, @Was, Phi

The Giants have three games at home and three on the road. They play Washington and Miami both teams who are currently in the top five of the draft order.

One win team

Washington:   Det, @Car, @GB, Phi, NYG, @Dal

The Redskins are not a good football team and they will have a tough run to finish with another win this year.


Cincinnati:  Pit, NYJ, @Cle, NE, @Mia, Cle

The best the Bengals can hope for is to win at least one game.