Plenty of teams need a quarterback heading into the 2020 NFL Draft

MIAMI, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 17: Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the Miami Dolphins warms up prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on November 17, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 17: Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the Miami Dolphins warms up prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on November 17, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Somewhere Oprah Winfrey is yelling, “you get a quarterback and you get a quarterback” because when the 2020 NFL Draft arrives, plenty of teams will drafting one.

Yes, the Miami Dolphins need to draft a quarterback and yes the Cincinnati Bengals need to draft a quarterback but beyond them lie more than a few teams who could move up to poach a top signal-caller or take surprisingly draft a QB in the middle of round one.

There are some who believe that a team like the Dolphins can wait until their 2nd pick in round one or maybe even round two as our latest mock draft shows, but that may not be the case given the attention and need for the position across the NFL landscape.

This year’s crop of draftable quarterbacks is deep in theory but until all of the players have declared for the draft, we simply won’t know how deep until they do, or do not. From Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa to Justin Herbert, Jake Fromm, Jordan Love, and Jalen Hurts, quarterbacks will dominate the mock drafts but who needs a quarterback is the question. So I will take care of that for you. Here is every team’s QB situation heading into the final two weeks of the season and the off-season beyond.

Teams in need of a quarterback

Miami Dolphins – There is no question Miami needs a QB and they will be in a position to draft one but could they possibly ride with Josh Rosen next year and go all-in on a QB in 2021 instead? I wouldn’t rule it out but I would be shocked if that happened.

Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals may be the luckiest team in the league. They will have their choice of QB and Joe Burrow appears to be their guy with the first overall pick.

Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford is long in the tooth and injuries continue to be a problem. He isn’t done yet but getting a QB now will give him a season to learn behind Stafford.

Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers will need to trade into round one if they want a first-round QB or wait until round two. It’s hard to believe that they won’t address the position given the injury to Roethlisberger and his age. The two back-ups have shown they are not quite the future of the franchise.

Indianapolis Colts – Losing Andrew Luck right before the season to retirement had to sting but Jacoby Brissett played well most of the year but not well enough to convince Jim Irsay they don’t need to draft one.

Los Angeles Chargers – There is no timeline for Phillip Rivers beyond this year and there is speculation that he could be done. Regardless, the Chargers should be looking at his replacement and a lot of speculation is rumored to surround Oregon’s Justin Herbert.

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton is not the answer and this young guy is not showing that he is either. The Panthers will be drafting high in 2020 and QB should and could be a target.

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Teams who might go, quarterback,

Jacksonville Jaguars – Nick Foles has looked bad and Gardner Minshew has been fun to watch but is he enough to become the franchise player? Probably not. The Jaguars may tap into a day two QB for security.

New England Patriots – Don’t be surprised if the Patriots are not drafting a QB as early as round one. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Tom Brady and this year he has significantly dropped off.

Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan is still playing decently but he really needs a better supporting cast to overcome his declining arm. The Falcons may be switching coaches this year and that could result in a younger QB to compete or learn from Ryan.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Buc’s are keeping Jameis Winston around another year, reported today, but that does not mean they won’t draft one just in case. Likely a day two pick if they do.

Chicago Bears – Mitchell Trubiskey is not the answer but do the Bears know that yet?

Oakland Raiders – Who knows what Jon Gruden sees or doesn’t see in Derek Carr but they are not going to the playoffs this year and Gruden isn’t happy about that. Oakland might just trade up (they have the ammunition) to take one of the top QB’s in this draft.

Denver Broncos – The only question here is whether or not John Elway thinks Drew Lock is the answer.

Tennessee Titans – Yes, Ryan Tannehill has played very well and is actually the 7th ranked QB by but it is Ryan Tannehill so there are no guarantees here. The Titans may want to take a look at the group in April.

Teams that don’t need one

Bills – Josh Allen, they are all set

Jets – Can’t imagine the Jets giving up on Sam Darnold just yet

Ravens – Lamar Jackson, sorry Dolphins fans

Browns – Baker Mayfield, sorry Cleveland fans

Texans – Deshaun Watson

Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes

Cowboys – Prescott, hmmm, how much he gonna get paid after this season?

Eagles – Carson Wentz, at least for another year or two

Vikings – Say what you will but Kirk Cousins has them competing and in the post-season

Packers – Aaron Rodgers but they may look to add depth in the mid-rounds

Saints – Drew Brees is ageless but Teddy Bridgewater is waiting

Seahawks – Russell Wilson

49’ers – Jimmy Garroppolo may not be everything but for now, he is the franchise QB

Rams – Jared Goff and the entire Rams team looked bad this year

Cardinals – Kyler Murray could become a star, maybe

Redskins – They are not giving up on Dwayne Haskins just yet

Giants – Daniel Jones is in his rookie season

We will revisit this list after the free-agent period when players are moved and signed and a better idea of who is retiring and staying is known.