The Miami Dolphins should absolutely make an offer for Joe Burrow

The Miami Dolphins suddenly are a hot team being predicted to trade up to number one overall to draft Joe Burrow. They should do it now.

Joe Burrow is the big name being linked to the Miami Dolphins right now but in order for Miami to get him, they have to move up to the number one overall spot to get it done. It won’t be cheap but the Dolphins should absolutely make a play and they should make an offer to the Bengals right now.

The Cincinnati Bengals want a quarterback but they also need draft picks. They have a lot of holes that need to be filled and they didn’t have the cap space to attack free agency like the Dolphins. Trading the top pick makes sense for the team and the Dolphins are really the only team that could make that trade.

While the Chargers are sitting one spot behind Miami, the don’t have the draft capital to make a move from six to one. The Dolphins do. When the Bengals are on the clock, they will most certainly entertain trade offers but if I am the Dolphins Chris Grier, I’m telling them, “absolutely not”. I’m making them a take it or leave it offer right now, and I’m telling them it goes down on draft day.

Miami should not offer three first rounds for the selection. They should offer the 5th overall, one of the other first-round picks, either 18 or 26, a 2nd round pick this year or next and a third-round pick this year or next. That is an expensive trade but it’s one the Dolphins can afford without gutting their draft.

If the Bengals decline, I would wish them well. I would make it clear that the trade would help both of them. The Bengals will still get a QB at five without question, either Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, or Jordan Love. They will get another first-round selection to fill another need. They walk away from this draft with three picks in the top 33 players. All for Joe Burrow.

See here is the thing, despite Burrow being an Ohio native, more and more rumors circulate that he doesn’t want to be on that team. Earlier this week, Joe Burrow “liked” a tweet regarding the Dolphins free agency additions. Some took that as a clear indication he wants to come to Miami.

There has also been a lot of speculation that owner Stephen Ross wants Joe Burrow at all costs. That probably is a bit extreme but it won’t go away. Ross didn’t get his guy in Lamar Jackson two years ago so the pressure may be on Grier to get what he wants this year.

Of course, the Dolphins have to really want Burrow. If they don’ there is no reason to entertain a trade. In fact, there would be no reason to explore moving up for anyone and staying put. That, however, isn’t really likely. The Dolphins really appear to want a quarterback.

With the NFL Draft now a month away, there will be a lot more rumors and speculation but again, if I am Chris Grier and I want the top pick, I’m not waiting until draft day to make the trade. I’m also not simply going to go back and forth with the Bengals about what they want. I’m making an offer now, and I am letting them know immediately that it will only get worse if they don’t expect it. They can take a QB that doesn’t want to be there and they can try and fill their holes some other way. It’s time to play hardball.

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