Jamal Adams to the Miami Dolphins? Adam Gase might be dumb enough

Jamal Adams is requesting a trade out of New York and the Miami Dolphins should call.

The likelihood of Jamal Adams staying in the AFC East is slim but with Adam Gase still the coach of the Jets, well, anything is really possible and the Miami Dolphins should make a call.

Word in NFL media circles is that standout safety Jamal Adams is done with the Jets and now wants to be traded. The Miami Dolphins could use a safety who plays with a physicality that Brian Flores loves. Of course, Miami is in the AFC East and the Jets and Dolphins do not have a great trade history.

Adams would make the Dolphins defense not only better but would also make it the most expensive defensive secondary in the NFL as Adams would want a new deal either this year or next. Miami has a lot already invested in Byron Jones and Xavien Howard.

That shouldn’t stop Miami from exploring the possibility. While money wouldn’t be an issue, compensation could. The Jets reportedly wanted first and third-round picks minimum to consider moving him. With Adams not showing his desire to leave publicly, that should drop a bit. The reality in sports is that once a player shows an unwillingness to play for a team, the proverbial blood in the water starts to take hold. The Jets will get good compensation for Adams but it may not be as good as they once were hoping for.

Adams is creating waves on a team coached by a guy who absolutely hates players going against him publicly and while Adams has not mentioned Adam Gase by name, there is little question that Gase is probably part of the problem or at the very least will take Adam’s actions as such. This is the same HC that shipped Jay Ajayi off to Philly because he got made he wasn’t getting the ball more. The same coach that refused to pay Jarvis Landry and threatened him to ship him to Cleveland…which he eventually did.

So a trade within the division? While Gase may not be the general manager in charge, you can bet he has more pull than his job description says he has.

Miami will rely on a combination of rookie Brandon Jones, Eric Rowe, and Bobby McCain to play safety this year. Trading for Adams would fix that position for the next several years. Or longer.