Miami Dolphins hope Matt Breida trade works out like these with 49’ers

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 17: Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins rarely make big trades with the 49’ers but that doesn’t mean Miami hasn’t made good ones.

The first trade between the Miami Dolphins and 49’ers  came way back in 1970 when the two teams swapped a couple of players that didn’t make their next team’s roster.

This past draft the Dolphins made a move to acquire the speedy running back Matt Breida. While we can’t really judge this trade yet, if he can work out like some of these below the Dolphins might just get their value in the deal.

The Dolphins have been lucky in the past on a few occasions with the 49’ers. In fact, Jarvis Landry, Hugh Green, and Lamar Miller all came to the Dolphins via a trade with the 49’ers in some fashion.

Hugh Green

We looked at the trade for Huge Green here, as he was originally a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That trade was possible by this trade with the Vikings for the rights to receiver Anthony Carter. Carter was drafted by the Dolphins in 1983’s 12th round. Miami obtained that draft selection in a trade with the 49’ers for punter Tom Orosz.

This sounds like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.

Ted Ginn

Our next trade with the 49’ers really was a push. In the long run, the winner was Ted Ginn, Jr. of all people. The Dolphins made Ted Ginn, Jr. a first-round draft pick in 2007 but in 2019 they were ready to move on and the only thing they could get for him was a 5th round pick from the 49’ers.

Miami used the pick to draft Nolan Carroll. Carroll spent four years with Miami and four more in the NFL after he left. He started 26 of 58 games.

Ginn is still in the NFL and has just over 5,700 yards receiving. He last played for the Saints in 2019 and is currently entering his 14th NFL season having signed with the Bears for the 2020 season. It’s crazy to think he has made it this long in his career.

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Daniel Kilgore

On the surface, the trade for Daniel Kilgore doesn’t sound that good. Miami took on his contract and received a 7th round pick along with him and sent a 7th round pick to the 49’ers. Miami used the 2018 7th round pick on LB Quentin Poling.

Kilgore is no longer on the Dolphins roster but he was a leader on the offensive line in his two seasons spending most of his first year on the IR. He was a transitional center that didn’t cost the Dolphins too much but he was able to serve as a veteran who helped younger players understand the nuances of the position.

Jarvis Landry

In 2014, the Miami Dolphins sent and 49’ers swapped 2nd round picks with Miami dropping seven spots and getting an extra 5th round pick. Miami used the pick in round two on Jarvis Landry and the 5th on Jordan Tripp. They may have missed with Tripp but nailed the Landry selection. Sadly, the Dolphins didn’t want to keep Landry around under Adam Gase who could not see eye-to-eye with the standout slot receiver.

Lamar Miller

While it sounds like an expensive trade, the Dolphins, in 2012, traded a 4th round pick and a 6tn round pick in 2012 along with a 6th round pick in 2013 for the 49’ers 4th round selection that was used on RB Lamar Miller.

Miller had a good career in Miami but the Dolphins opted to not re-sign him after his rookie contract expired. He would go on to have a very good career with the Houston Texans where he is still playing, when healthy.