The Miami Dolphins should give Ryan Fitzpatrick an extension

The Miami Dolphins are moving on from Ryan Fitzpatrick but that is not a reason to trade him.

This weekend’s game will feature a Tua Tagovailoa start in the NFL and media and fans alike are already saying Ryan Fitzpatrick should be traded.

When 2021 rolls around, the Miami Dolphins may be in the market for another quarterback. Not to start in place of Tagovailoa, hopefully, but instead because Ryan Fitzpatrick is likely to move on for what could be his final season or two. Miami should re-sign him.

Across many social media platforms and some media outlets, there is speculation about what the Dolphins should do with Fitzpatrick, trade him. That in my opinion makes no sense. Fitzpatrick may not have been thrilled with being replaced but the Dolphins don’t have anyone behind him that can take over is Tua goes down.

That is not a problem just for this year either, it is also for next year as well. Fitzpatrick is only under contract through this season and while he may find opportunities elsewhere, is anyone going to hand him a starting job? No, Miami offered that in a rare season but let’s not pretend that is going to happen again.

If Fitzpatrick wants to continue to play the Dolphins should sign him to another contract and give them a safety net behind Tua that can step in and take over.

With the Dallas Cowboys losing Dak Prescott and then Andy Dalton to a concussion, there has been growing suggestions that the Dolphins should float Fitzpatrick in a deal. That might be a good spot for him in terms of being able to step in and play but it doesn’t help the Dolphins should something happen to Tua.

On the practice squad, the Dolphins have Reid Sinnett. Sinnett was on the Tampa Bay PS following his release during final cuts. He was released again when the Buccaneers added Josh Rosen to the PS. I’m pretty sure he isn’t ready to assume any back-up rolls.

The truth is the Dolphins are far closer to making the playoffs this year with Tua Tagovailoa and Ryan Fitzpatrick than the Cowboys are with Fitzpatrick starting. Miami needs to see this transition through to the end of the season and having Fitzpatrick in Tua’s corner will help him learn and adjust both between games and between quarters.

If we are looking at this rationally, Fitzpatrick has far more value to the Dolphins as a back-up than the mid-round draft they might be able to get for him.