5 things that can help the Miami Dolphins beat Buffalo on Sunday

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Xavien Howard is the Miami Dolphins best cornerback but he will need help against the Bills.

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins’ top CB, Xavien Howard, will be tasked with stopping one of the best WRs in the NFL, Stephon Diggs. As good as Howard is, he can’t handle Diggs alone and there isn’t a CB in the league that can. No matter how good you are, you can’t cover Tyreek Hill one-on-one and you can’t cover Diggs either.

Howard will have his hands full and while he will get his victories, so will Diggs. The key is to put someone else over the top and let Howard play more physically. Jevon Holland could help in this area but I see Eric Rowe taking on that responsibility allowing Holland and Brandon Jones to work closer to the line of scrimmage.

On the other side of Diggs, Gabe Davis is a solid number two WR and the Dolphins have to make sure that Nik Needham can take that part of the game away from the Bills and thus force them to test Howard and the safety on the other side.

The Dolphins’ secondary, while banged up, is still good but they will be tested from start to finish by Allen and his WR group. This is where the tempo and the game direction will be dictated. If Howard and the safety help can take away Diggs, Miami will force the Bills into a game plan they may not be able to match up well with.