3 ways Mike McDaniel needs to help Skylar Thompson

Skylar Thompson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Skylar Thompson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /
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In the universe’s infinite wisdom, it has decided that Skylar Thompson the 25-year-old rookie from Kansas St. is the one who needs to be starting for the Miami Dolphins on Sunday as they host the 4-1 Minnesota Vikings. Yes, that means the universe decided that Teddy Bridgewater, a man who never had a concussion and who appears to be going the slowest through the concussion protocol ever, will be backing up Skylar Thompson.

I actually don’t hate this decision by Mike McDaniel. Not that I think many of you actually really know who I am and remember what I write, but I have been a leading member of the Skylar Thompson fan club since the preseason and have felt for a bit that trading Teddy Bridgewater and elevating Skylar Thompson to the #2 QB on the team was the move I would make as a guy who lives near Scranton PA who has never seen Thompson play. I understand if not many are on board with this but many weren’t on board with a heliocentric view of the solar system in the beginning either.

We saw Skylar Thompson thrust into duty last week against the Jets and the results weren’t stellar but I didn’t think it was dreadful either. The offensive line was disgusting and there were a decent amount of key drops. When you trot out a rookie QB, who didn’t get many first-team reps, everyone else has to pick up their game. Those are the rules.

The same goes for coach Mike McDaniel. I think he would admit he didn’t help his quarterback at all times either. Going away from the running game in the 3rd quarter when it was working was a bit questionable.

But I wouldn’t expect blunders like that to continue. With a full week of first-team reps, my expectation is that Mike McDaniel will craft a solid game plan that highlights Skylar’s skills and the team’s skills with Skylar.

Like Dr. Strange willingly giving the time stone to Thanos and the Ancient One and Hulk not knowing why he had to have done it for a reason. There’s a reason McDaniel was so quick to name Skylar Thompson the starter even though Teddy Bridgewater is probably going to be available. He knows something we don’t

Here’s a list of the things that Mike McDaniel needs to do to put Skylar Thompson in the best position to succeed.